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Hi, my names Guba, Im a somewhat shy 21 year old boy who enjoys wearing and using diapers when i can, and i enjoy dressing up in pink girly outfits while being diapered up. My goal is to find the perfect mommy or daddy for me eventually, someone who really understands me and wants me as i am.

I've been looking for a while but so far everyone ive thought to be the one has proven otherwise, so im going to keep looking until i find the right mommy or daddy for me.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me, im not very good a talking abotu myself unless im asked directly...

i guess i can list a bit of stuff about me though...

I like to play MTG and warhammer 40k.
I like wearing my frilly romper to bed when i can, or my special PVC diaper/spreader outfit. (havnt worn either one since i moved to MI though)
I like playing all kinds of tabletop and board games with friends, as well as going out to museums, parks, movies, etc.
I like to bake cakes and cupcakes, and other pastries.
Im very disorganized, even when i try to be organized, and i have toruble spending money, which reinforces my need for a mommy or daddy so they can stop me from wasting my money.
I like the thoguht of being stuck in diapers forever, as well as being forced to use them (by force i mean just being locked out of a bathroom, or in a diaper until i cant hold it anymore, no enemas or suppositories, or laxatives, or anything liek that unless im being punished)
Im nonsexual, period. Ive tried sexual things and its been unenjoyable for me, and ask everyone respect my choice to be nonsexual.
Im terrified of chastity belts and related things.

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