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So, I've somehow ended up in London. Sunbury-on-Thames to be a bit more precise. My first day here has been a bit down to be honest. I've been keeping to my hotel room mostly; as I've had a bit of a cold. It seems to be passing but I am still quite warm. I
mdlno 4 hours ago 0 3

just wondering why the videos do not play in any browser
drfraggle 19 hours ago 0 5

New DD Chat Description and Art Contest Recently we added a chat description to Drako's Den Chat to help set the scene for not only the chat room, but also any RP's on the Forums. We decided to do so since Drako's Den is a kink community that encourages us
jmac32here 5 days ago 0 20
Get Some Diapers!

jamesbennett: hi i looking for little guy yoyoy care for i got special new
2d ago
soggymale04: looking to chat with anybody in chatroom
putdiapers_onme: good morning
BigCryBaby: Needed some shits an giggles last night, watched Shaun of the Dead.
jamesbennett: anyone up for skype call i so bored
pyro: Evening bois and girls
19h ago
diaperbabyboy2000: looking for a man into diapers
19h ago
BrianDC1982: @diaperbabyboy. Thought you were looking for a girl into diapers just a few weeks ago. Lol
18h ago
David73-DL: NICZA12 is a Pay for play Mommy/Dom. She needs to go
14h ago
LittlestMonkeyBoy: Hello everyone! A new baby boy has arrived! I can't wait to get to know some of you :)
12h ago
Brad2000: Good morining everyone.
8h ago
babycupid76: Good morning everyone..
7h ago
LilMissPumpkin: @briandc1982 when they get desperate, anyone is an option
48m ago
DanielABDL: e.e
45m ago
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