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12 days ago
All www.biggerdiapers.com orders have now shipped* Thanks for your patience and support during these last few difficult months for me! New orders will ship as they come in! * 1 Order for a Galaxy Pull-On Diaper will ship tomorrow as I need to pull stock from warehouse space.
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pyro: Morning all, looks like I missed all the drama. Lol
2d ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Good. I know you will. But you're not cruel and mean.
2d ago
Daddyz_Little_Girl: Only sometimes 🤣
JodieDelight: My Shoutbox Message that I posted less than 12 hours ago has been deleted; how typical! Still I hope people had the chance to read it :D
Daddyz_Little_Girl: Mine too... it's whatever at this point.
pyro: Probably was just cleared up to prevent more of what was said :)
18h ago
Daddyz_Little_Girl: Well no duh!
17h ago
zethans: i fear jinxing it, but wow, no drama for a total 15 hours? what the hell is going on? lol
2h ago
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