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My fun at the movies!   So I rook my diapered self to the movies today! The theater was more crowded than i was hoping, so i wasnt able to take any pics inaide the theater.   I wore a black skirt that comes almost down to my knees, with a purpley top t
groovie111 5 days ago 2 84

So tomorrow is my day off, so I've decided to treat myself to a Movie! Im going to the theater by myself, diapered up, with a Large drink ;)  Im going to see Solo, the star wars movie, its at the discount theater now for cheap. Im planning on wearing 2 dia
groovie111 7 days ago 6 60

Drako's Art Contest - August 2018 The latest winner is:A little help with the lotion? - https://www.furiffic.com/Riley/view/8411by Riley - https://www.furiffic.com/Riley Now for this Month: Nomination Theme: Threesomes Voting Theme: Femboys Nomination and
jmac32here 10 days ago 0 42
Get Some Diapers!

Diapered_teen: anybody wana talk??
2d ago
David73-DL: Jenniferbaby is just a scammer. Immediately gives me her email, saying she has something important to tell me, and offers pictures.
2d ago
babycupid76: Hi everyone..
2d ago
Black-Goku25: whats up people
David73-DL: Its a pretty horrible feeling when you see two of your friends "online" and they appear to not want to talk to you☺
pyro: Morning ladies and gents ;)
David73-DL: At the movies (the new Mission Impossible) and diapered (but of course)
10h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Is there any other way to go to the movies? :)
7h ago
David73-DL: There shouldn't be
6h ago
David73-DL: Pictures posted of the diapers
6h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Nice
51m ago
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