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I AM GOING TO TELL THE TRUTH AND THE WHOLE TRUTH. There are mommies on here that would make friends with you and then never chat with you, Question why not. Plus there are some mommies on here that would chat with you and when you start chatting she shall
Aorphanbaby 04.02.2021 3 161

Hello to everyone in Arizona, I am trying to start up a monthly meeting on a Friday or Saturday evening. I am inviting you all there. Let me know where you want to meet and what time and day. Let's get out and start having fun again.
Justwantadiaper 03.29.2021 0 62

Drako's Art Contest - March 2021The latest winner is:Super Hang On - https://furrynetwork.com/artwork/1702198/super-hang-on/by Nommz - https://furrynetwork.com/nommz/Now for this month:Nomination Theme:DiaperVoting Theme:HorseNomination and Voting Deadline
jmac32here 03.08.2021 0 140
Get Some Diapers!

wiseman7777: If I get a message from Wiley, I'll block and report him
11d ago
wiseman7777: Seems that he isn't good
11d ago
Pampersfrank: little guy looking for a mommy...am from germany
11d ago
DL_Canada420: Waves
11d ago
AdultbabyDaniel: hello all :)
11d ago
DL_Canada420: hi
11d ago
AdultbabyDaniel: hi DL_canada
11d ago
May91953: i need a mommy and daddy to take care of me
9d ago
diaperbabyboy2000: New profile need a mommy
8d ago
pyro: Morning. My email no longer works so apolgies for those who had it
8d ago
zedbb4: oops.. i made a mess just now... :/
8d ago
DL_Canada420: Waves
7d ago
6d ago
RainbowCrash82: Who?
6d ago
pyro: Morning all
6d ago
wet-wet-nappy: Stingy,I think he's just a plank mate
5d ago
DL_Canada420: Stinks here
5d ago
Justwantadiaper: The pictures are not as good as they use to. What is going on. And what is going on with this site?
5d ago
pottypanties: Sitting here in soppy wet diapers sealed with plastic baby panties as always. Sucking on the nipple of a baby bottle filled with delicious warm baby formula!
2d ago
newbimess: The new shit is poo
2d ago
amu1989: Ooh @pottypanties, that sounds lovely!
DL_Canada420: Afternoon all
23h ago
pottypanties: amu1989 giggle
22h ago
Simon_DL: This "guy", @AustinMahoneCool , he doesn't belong here and i think those pics contain...underage boys or some BS
21h ago
DanielABDL_1: probably some sex nazi, really big tough anti-ABDL trying to set the site up as a pedo site
16h ago
admin: "austin" is 25. I keep deleting the account but someone keeps recreating it, so I gave up.
15h ago
Lollol: Hello everyone how's things?
9h ago
Lollol: I'm in search of like minded Adbl friends feel free to message me :)
9h ago
Lollol: I've resuntly bought some lil bella Adbl nappies and whereing them ay work having fun hehhee
9h ago
wet-wet-nappy: Lollol, please show us 😉
9h ago
Lollol: I can when I nock of work :D
8h ago
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