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I'm a male 27 year old daddy looking for a baby girl. I'm based out of WV, about 2 hours from Pittsburgh, PA. Would love to chat and get to know you.
Brad19319 6 days ago 0 34

Hi all just look to make some diaper buddies here in Minnesota eh lol
babyleelee 6 days ago 0 40

Drako's Art Contest - November 2020   The latest winner is: Empty Easter Basket...? - https://furrynetwork.com/artwork/1678808/empty-easter-basket/ by drgn8d - https://furrynetwork.com/drgn8d/   Now for this month:   Nomination Theme: Transformation   Voti
jmac32here 11.11.2020 0 55
Get Some Diapers!

amu1989: Hi @jrb800, so sorry to read your letter/image. I know you've posted in the Shoutbox before and I'm so sorry you've been ignored and/or abused. It shouldn't be this way. The community should support genuine people who seek to be as inclusive as possible. Sadly, we've been caught up in a one sided keyboard war and the offensive insults of one particular member. Another used the term "circlejerk" simply because someone agreed with me. All this nonsense is regretful. If you need to chat, feel free to send a message.
5h ago
jrb800: amu1989 to u private chat work u can send me chat anytime
5h ago
jrb800: i just hope is will help me feel bette about my self and find friend,daddy,boyfriend
5h ago
4EverYoung: I didn't use *circle jerk* because @amu agrees with others, I did it because a group of 4 or so not naming any names, were gang mentality on 1 person and patting each other on the back like oh yeah we showed them lol. This is why in an actual fist fight you'd all attack like a pack of hyenas cause alone none of you could fight your way out of a paper bag.
4h ago
jrb800: omg guys can u calm down and stop for one fuck day
4h ago
amu1989: I'm sorry you felt that way 4EverYoung. I find that comment somewhat ironic as all you have done is agreed with Croc on every single issue for over a month. I was not part of any gang, I spoke my own mind saying that there should be an inquiry into Croc's behaviour. I did not call for an outright ban and I think it's only fair that someone so hostile and insulting is called out and either asked to reform or asked to leave. Again, you use an insulting phrase where all I want to chat with people, even yourself.
4h ago
jrb800: u all make hate my self and hate being abdl i thinking about stop being abdl
4h ago
amu1989: I'm so sorry, jrb800.
4h ago
jrb800: it not u it other members to
3h ago
Croc: Jrb - I can't read your photo message, it's too small.
2h ago
Croc: That's right AMU1989, gang up on me because you can't stand words being used. What a thin-skinned snowflake.
2h ago
Croc: More wokeism from Sky News - https://news.sky.com/story/black-lives-matter-will-britain-change-hard-facts-laid-bare-in-race-and-revolution-tv-show-12143261
2h ago
jrb800: download pic and zoom in on it
2h ago
Croc: I will when I log onto my computer.
2h ago
jrb800: it only idea
2h ago
Croc: I managed to read a little bit of it, even when I downloaded it and zoomed in on the small text! Sadly James, the Community isn't the loving one as it once was. I know this because of my treatment back in June and in recent months by Fat Andy on Twatter & Flakelife. But, that's life. Everywhere you go you're going to get bullies, trolls and scum from the swamp who will do anything to destory you and discredit your name and reputation. Even from a honest tweet like mine. The Madbroughs of our kink will laugh out loud at your statement. They'll just mock you even more. That's why I didn't bother writing a touching statement over my China Tweet. Folk wouldn't believe me, even if I was telling the truth. They are scum and we get their kind in the ShoutBox with the likes of AMU1989 being a Social Justice Warrior for the Snowflake Woke AB Police Brigade.
2h ago
Croc: It breaks my heart in saying this but the AB Community is split...just like folk in the vanilla world. It's us or them. Sitting on the fence these days gets you nowhere. I don't want to speak more on the matter. This will only prod the snowflakes and the scum will use it against me. But that's the harsh truth of our beloved kink.
2h ago
Hugh_Madbrough: Oh jodie. Its all about you isnt it. So many "I"s and "Me"s in your rant. "Folk wouldn't believe me, even if I was telling the truth" So you dont tell the truth? im confused by your statement, with you always crying about being a victim and all. This dude is giving a heartfelt statement on what he sees wrong, yet you take the oppourtunity attack me. I wont claim victim status, though. Skin is made from naugahyde. Super tough.
1h ago
Hugh_Madbrough: @Jrb: I read your writing. Having been in this community for over 20 years, I can tell you that its always gonna be split. Fractured. Groups within groups. Its high school mentalities a good amount of time. Some people like to prey on the weak to feel superior, others like to help those seeking guidance. But its also more then those two outlooks. I wont lie, we aint all sunshine and rainbows. And we aint all dark clouds and downpours either. It can be sexual release for some, emotional release for others. There are those within the community that will callout others for behavior, and there are some who will take any chance to ruin something for someone. Its not limited to just our community, its socitial. Its human nature. You are lonely, I get that. I truly do. And sites like this may seem like the place to go to help, but in reality, if ill-prepared, they do more harm then good for some folk. Feel free to send me a message on here or Fetlife if you need to. I cant promise I can help, but I can listen.
1h ago
singlemale02: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
59m ago
jrb800: thank u hugh
54m ago
jrb800: where u from hugh
53m ago
Croc: James, don't believe a word Madbrough tells you. He's 100% right about the groups within groups. But I wouldn't trust this troll.
52m ago
jrb800: croc u mean i need to just go away and no tell anyone how i feel
51m ago
Croc: No. I'm saying I wouldn't private message Hugh about anything.
51m ago
Croc: He'll screenshot it & use it against you.
50m ago
jrb800: i not reall trust no one on here
50m ago
jrb800: here croc
40m ago
jrb800: Dear Fellow ABDL Community Members, I am writing this Letter today because I feel I need to get quite a lot of pent-up emotions off of my chest which I now feel confident enough to finally speak out. If you are not willing to acknowledge this Letter or you feel it does not apply to yourself (even though it probably will) then please walk away now! For those that do want to hear and acknowledge that one of your Members is suffering deeply then please feel free to continue. I have been a devoted and passionate Member of the Community for well over 10+ Years and I am unfortunate to report that throughout all of my time I have received nothing but Aggressive, Abusive, Manipulative, Sexist, Discriminative, Destructive and Accusative Behaviour from the majority of members that have made contact. Now I have tried everything possible from Ignoring, Reasoning and even tried to better myself because I was made to feel like I was a bad person when this definitely is not the case. I have even gone as far as changing my entire outlook just to please everyone but I am afraid I cannot take it anymore. No matter what I do then it seems everyone is just out there to try their absolute best in making my Life miserable… Well… No more! I am a Human Being that is real no matter how many people out there wish to say I am not, I have real feelings just like everybody else in this world and I have a Life to live which unfortunately to those that wish to keep hurting me then I am not spending it putting up with your behaviour anymore. I cannot count how many Days and Nights that have been spent being left alone with only my Tears and negative Thoughts created by this level of Abuse so I will put this out there… If this is your only goal and purpose then I will tell you one thing… do us both a favour and just don’t… simply go away and don’t… It is the simplest of simple right? Now if there are actually some genuine people out there that can show me there is more to this Community than what I have received above, to which I will state once again has been going on for more than 10+ Years, then I will be more than happy to actually participate in conversations. Not only this but I am situated in London (UK) and so if you are Local and it interests you to progress further then I would actually contemplate meeting up so long as you feel it may become a good friendship. Speaking of which… Friendship for me has been difficult to find not only in the ABDL Community but in general and I thought the Community would provide myself as well as any contacts a common interest to which could blossom into a potential Friendship but unfortunately it has been beyond a disappointing experience all around. It feels as if I will never have any Friends at all throughout my Life which is a sad thought that plagues me every single day. I do not want to believe this is the case and I will keep hope that someday it will happen but this fades as years progress on which is now becoming greater in recent ones. So… This is pretty much it!... I needed to get it out there because I felt I needed to inform the Community just exactly what I am feeling, how I have come to feel this way and to show everyone out there that there is now an extremely Fragile Member of their Community that is Real, is a Human Being and is needing a lot of support to show that there is more than Abuse to get from being a part of what I believe is a wonderful Community.
40m ago
jrb800: for u to read it bette
40m ago
jrb800: and i see u block me in private chat croc
39m ago
Croc: Thanks
39m ago
Croc: I block most folk in Private Chat
39m ago
jrb800: oh u think i'm folk thank
39m ago
Croc: You're thin-skinned James. Attitude like that, and you'll have trouble making friends online.
38m ago
jrb800: what hell to u mean
36m ago
Croc: Whatever James. I've been honest. I've bothered to read your issues. Good luck in your search.
28m ago
jrb800: oh u block m eagain
25m ago
jrb800: again
25m ago
Hugh_Madbrough: Dont waste your time on Jodie/Croc. He has been banned from here and other sites for his behavior
24m ago
jrb800: hugh can u private message me please
23m ago
Croc: I've been banned because when I tweeted my opinion, the Radical Lefties accused me of being a racist. When I tried to defend myself, I got banned. So, no. It's not all my fault. I was the victim of the cancel culture. I have proof of the trolling & bullying. That's why I'm blunt most of the time. Being nice gets you nowhere.
15m ago
Croc: I had my friends, most on DiaperMates, and some Mummies on Twatter who gave me support and still do. They know the TRUTH.
14m ago
jrb800: ok what is truth
14m ago
Croc: The TRUTH is that I was a victim of bullying.
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