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Get Some Diapers!
Eragon: He contacts me when he is in the room
2d ago
Bunnybaby: wish there was an easy way to humiliate myself
2d ago
BigCryBaby: Mmmm how about we be our wittle selves an go out fu Halloween. Always wanted to do dat.
BigCryBaby: March down Waikiki, stopping fu diaper changes an feedings. GIGGLES
diapersup125: good morning hamiltonians
diaperboy0001: Don't do that. Someone might call the police. I doubt you would want your face shown on CNN.
diaperboy0001: At least I wouldn't.
diapersup125: any admins on today get a hold of me i cannot get into my old account diapersup55
NaughtyGirl92: Me naughty and need be taught lesson. If yous wan teach me lesson, then yous can thwough roleplay on kik. Me usewname tis rushsrgirl92
putdiapers_onme: hi everyone Glenn from hamilton
pottypanties: Does anyone here besides me love the piano?
BigCryBaby: No one is going to care if we as ABDLs are out there with the rest of them.
23h ago
putdiapers_onme: good morning
13h ago
diaperboy0001: Right. I think parents of the kids they are with would have a lot to say. Don't tarnish the fetish. The optics if an adult dressing like a baby and then being around children in Halloween isn't good.
12h ago
BigCryBaby: Not talking about Trick or Treat. Did you see me mention Waikiki??? There are no children only adults out partying on Kalakaua Avenue. Have you ever been then there?
8h ago
diaperboy0001: Nope.
7h ago
diaperboy0001: BigCryBaby: Mmmm how about we be our wittle selves an go out fu Halloween. Always wanted to do dat.
7h ago
diaperboy0001: Working off of that.
7h ago
BigCryBaby: All of the bars and restaurants in Waikiki and in Lahaina Maui are great party towns on Halloweeen. As I said adults only. One of the few opportunities we have to express ourselves in public besides conventions and some of the small groups scattered around.
7h ago
diaperboy0001: Ok. I thought you lived in New Jersy
6h ago
diaperlin56: hello everyone. well today he is using Brian6667 and still wants to be everyone's mentor and teach us all a life lesson. Here is a life lesson for you, get a life and stop annoying people on this site. you can change your name a 100 times and still no one is going to want you as a mentor or want you to teach us anything
4h ago
pottypanties: I want Brian6667 or what ever to teach me som elifes lessons
2h ago
dragonfokin: gtg now be back tomorrow
32m ago
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