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Adult incontinence can happen to anybody and affects 200 million people worldwide.1 Due to the stigma attached to it, it can make people feel embarrassed and anxious. Many people that are affected use various coping methods, such as Kegel exercises, hydrat
wellnessbriefs Yesterday 0 16

I'd really like to find a man or woman who'd like to be changed or change me. I've been doing pull-ups for three years but now doing diapers for 6 months. Catheters are also involved at times. Hope we find each other.
Bellybag58 6 days ago 0 26

So I get diapers weekly through northshore care. I have their autoship going so every week like clockwork I get a new bag delivered. I've been doing it like that for a long while without issue until this last shipment. They sent me large..... yeah not like
liljester 10 days ago 0 56
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DanielABDL: hmhmhmhm! Ow
2d ago
DanielABDL: Party In Pampers has a piss-extraction machine
2d ago
Beekay: It's called energy drink :P
2d ago
DanielABDL: hmhm
2d ago
jamesbennett: hi i looking for online son or little bro to care for
Party_in_my_Pampers: Hmmmmmmm.......
DLinKS: Hi all
20h ago
jamesbennett: is any abdl daddy or big bro what to role play with me in chat
8h ago
DanielABDL: Oh look, a real, actual, genuine abdl female mummy has uploaded her profile pic. Lets all welcome to real, totally non-scammer MommyS!
7h ago
Babyathome: Cmon Daniel, aren't you going to at least give her the benefit of the doubt until she tips her hand?
7h ago
DanielABDL: I'd like to
7h ago
Babyathome: Sheilami is one though. She posted her pic, turned out to be a South American poet.
7h ago
Babyathome: When I posted the info on the pic, she took it down.
7h ago
Babyathome: The pic was of Mercedes Roffe.
7h ago
JJadams: Message me phoenix baby's!
2h ago
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