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How To Spot An Online Dating Scam 1. You meet someone online 2. They say all of the right things 3. Story will lead to them having a financial problem
135 days ago
New colors of our popular pocket diapers. Butter/Cream, Grape and Brown among others! http://teenadultdiapers.com/index.php?cPath=22
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14 hours ago
Just me.
16 hours ago
This is my first post in this forum and I'm looking forward to connecting with other like-minded Diaper Lovers. I love exploring deeper, mystical understandings as they relate to wearing diapers. I have been a diaper lover all my life and currently wear 24/7. As I was musing over how loving diapers …
17 hours ago
No - 43.8%
Very seldom, only if absolutely necessary - 12.5%
Occasianaly, and I love it - 12.5%
Yes, All the t - 31.3%
No - 0%
Very seldom, only if absolutely necessary - 0%
Occasianaly, and I love it - 18.8%
Yes, All the t - 81.3%
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ABDL Match

10.04.2015 12:26
anyone want to be my daddy ?
10.04.2015 14:49
Posted by wolfpackredneck
10.04.2015 16:01
Posted by Knewbornbaby
would anyone kidnap a baby to have as their true baby ?
10.04.2015 16:24
Posted by babySmitty
I want to find a mommy
10.04.2015 17:27
Posted by Diaperboy032
Hello everyone
10.04.2015 17:42
Posted by FluffyFoxi
Been here awhile. Looking for a diaper girl to talk and b friends with.
10.04.2015 19:55
Posted by pottypanties
I just posted a picture of new doll baby! I am so excited and can not wait to get her so we can play!
10.04.2015 21:31
Posted by MommyAlexia
I am looking for a baby and submissive at the same time..
10.04.2015 22:12
dont worry about MommyAlexia , she only wants a baby that will perform for her on cam
10.04.2015 22:13
another fake mommy
10.04.2015 22:13
thats two weeded out *marks two marks on her list*
10.04.2015 23:16
Posted by MommyAlexia
I am not fake! I don't want you because you have another Mommy. I am a monogamous and I don't want a polygamous baby!
10.05.2015 00:07
Posted by AB_Baby_Girl
whats monogamous and polygamous?
10.05.2015 00:48
Posted by MommyAlexia
monogamy has only 1 partner.. polygamy is into many relationships
10.05.2015 00:51
Posted by AB_Baby_Girl
ohh okay
10.05.2015 08:02
Posted by Knewbornbaby
mummy me have skype now
10.05.2015 08:58
Posted by wolfpackredneck
add me stride_rcn_5 thats my skype
10.05.2015 16:52
Posted by bigwetnappy
chat anyone ?
10.05.2015 17:04
Posted by Diaperboy032
Hello everyone
10.05.2015 17:05
Posted by Diaperboy032
Anyone online wanna chat if so message me
10.06.2015 09:39
Posted by wolfpackredneck
good morning guys and ladies
10.06.2015 10:00
Posted by pyro
i need a girl :(
10.06.2015 10:00
Posted by wolfpackredneck
so dont i

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