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I'm a male 27 year old daddy looking for a baby girl. I'm based out of WV, about 2 hours from Pittsburgh, PA. Would love to chat and get to know you.
Brad19319 5 days ago 0 28

Hi all just look to make some diaper buddies here in Minnesota eh lol
babyleelee 5 days ago 0 34

Mama Jackie is what you can call me. I love all my good boys and girls. There is nothing I love more than to have a good baby in my arms to love and to hold. Letting them nurse from my big full breast. Making sure that their bottoms are cleaned, powdered,
PhonesexMamas 7 days ago 0 41
Get Some Diapers!

Croc: I doubt he'll reply. It's been hours now. His tail is tucked between his legs. Though, he has messaged certain members demanding them to apologize to him for hurting his snowflake feelings. Typical reaction from the Radical Lefties.
20h ago
RainbowCrash82: Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be mean-spirited. I'm just sayin, dude needs to chill out and stop being such a dick to people.
17h ago
Croc: That's impossible for the Radical Left. Even when they are proved wrong, they still like to poke the prod and piss folk off. They are snowflake losers to the last. That's what I've learnt throughout 2020.
17h ago
Croc: Anyway, you know the scum like Google, Twatter (Twitter) & FlakeBook (Facebook) hardly pay taxes. What about the video gaming giants like Microsoft, Rockstar Games, PlayStation & Nintendo? Surely they take in Billions every quarter and hardly pay anything to the IRS? These giants get away with murder.
16h ago
RainbowCrash82: Rockstar pisses me off cuz they won't fix their shit.
16h ago
Babyathome: @croc, they only get away with what the US tax code says they can. And who writes the tax code? Congress in conjuction with the IRS.
16h ago
Babyathome: It's not the company's fault that the tax code is written the way it is. They are just following the rules that the govt set up. The govt cvan always change the rules if they wish.
15h ago
Croc: Do you think Old Joe Boden will change the tax rules?
15h ago
Croc: Biden*
15h ago
Babyathome: He can't do anything really, Congress has all the power. All he can do is lobby for what he wants.
15h ago
Babyathome: Once Congress passes a law, then all he does is sign it or veto it.
15h ago
Babyathome: Tax code wise that is.
15h ago
Babyathome: The President can do certain things through Executive Orders, butI am not sure how far he can go with them.
15h ago
Babyathome: Congress can still veto Executive Orders though.
15h ago
DanielABDL_1: Hugh Madbrough: Now thats way out of left field. Even made *me* laugh. I thought you'd given up and moved on. Oh well
10h ago
Baby_Guppy: f**k that pic is funny. :D
9h ago
Croc: Come on Hugh Madbrough, or Mister_Ant as he's known on Fetlife. Come on and join the chat in the ShoutBox. You normally do. Posting caption pictures lol - How fucking sad is that!
9h ago
Baby_Guppy: totally epic burn!
9h ago
Croc: Be careful. Madbrough isn't the only one who can create captions.
9h ago
Baby_Guppy: was that a threat? ohh come on Jodie, lighten up! you're just pissed that you didn't think of it first. I know I am! LOL
9h ago
Croc: It's just Madbrough's childish way of speaking out. He hasn't got the balls to say it to out face. He knows the stupid statement from Rexi about the ugly black Nigerians annoyed him. The Radical Lefties are scum. And old Madbrough is part of the rotten snowflake cult.
9h ago
Croc: Our face*
9h ago
Baby_Guppy: whatever dude. it's still funny. even Daniel saw the lighter side.
9h ago
Hugh_Madbrough: 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
8h ago
Croc: It is funny. I'm not saying it isn't. But, I know Madbrough isn't joking. He does it out if spite.
8h ago
Baby_Guppy: out of spite you say? what, like doxing someone maliciously? is that the kind of spiteful thing you're talking about?
7h ago
amu1989: "Seriously Amu, you need to grow a thick skin. It's snowflakes like you who get so "offensive" over the smallest of words." - Croc to me, 15th Nov.
5h ago
Croc: Lol
3h ago
Croc: It's fine. I can play caption games as well. But you lot won't like it. But I won't, I'm busy with my website & eBooks, making money on a daily basis is important than getting even with scum like yourselves. And I didn't dox anyone. I blogged the TRUTH. Again, something you snowflakes hated because it should just how evil you Radical Lefties are!
3h ago
RainbowCrash82: I don't know if I'd call them evil. Naive, misguided, & foolish is more like it.
2h ago
4EverYoung: https://www.infowars.com/posts/belgians-told-police-will-knock-on-doors-at-christmas-to-enforce-covid-rules/ I doubt police would have the resources to care to knock on 100,000 plus houses just to see if you have more than 6 people around the Christmas tree lol
2h ago
Hugh_Madbrough: Lol oh jodie, ever the victim and martyr.
36m ago
Hugh_Madbrough: A pariah in the eyes of no one.
33m ago
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