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13 days ago
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Get Some Diapers!
Party_in_my_Pampers: Cover your eyes?
2d ago
DanielABDL: can't see anything
2d ago
DanielABDL: ...ohhh...right, nvm.
2d ago
soggymale04: JodieDelight what exactly is an e-book please?
2d ago
DanielABDL: online downloadable book
2d ago
soggymale04: thanks Daniel.
2d ago
jamesbennett: can anyone tell me about adult diaper challenge and rules please
2d ago
putdiapers_onme: good evening everyone i am Glenn
2d ago
soggymale04: how's everyone doing
2d ago
JodieDelight: @04 - You can read my eBooks via the Kindle App, one doesn't have to own a Kindle to read them. The Kindle App can be downloaded for free on one's mobile (cell phone), laptop/PC or tablet.
JodieDelight: Also if one's a member of Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime, they can download, read and keep ALL of my eBooks onto their Kindle Library for free! I've written 44 eBooks; my target is 501 eBook; so one can easily download them for free
jamesbennett: good news i got new abdl mate
Party_in_my_Pampers: Good news. I'm happy for you.
22h ago
babyteen: BREAKING NEWS i need an abdl friend irl
19h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: I friended you.
15h ago
babyteen: same
3h ago
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