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14 days ago
All www.biggerdiapers.com orders have now shipped* Thanks for your patience and support during these last few difficult months for me! New orders will ship as they come in! * 1 Order for a Galaxy Pull-On Diaper will ship tomorrow as I need to pull stock from warehouse space.
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pyro: Evening
2d ago
JodieDelight: ALL Book Covers for my future ABDL eBooks have been updated, along with 3 NEW eBooks added to my 'Coming Soon' webpage - Link on my DM profile, thanks x
2d ago
Hugh_Madbrough: oh damn, that abdltruth guy found his way here. :/
2d ago
noname: hello good day all
23h ago
noname: chat anyone ??
23h ago
AwwwKatie: If anyone wants to buy me some diapers (Paypal or Amazon.co.uk email giftcard) let me know, I'll model them for you and everything x
22h ago
JodieDelight: Buy your own nappies. I would never ask anyone to buy me nappies, gift cards or money. I have class. You, and people your kind make me sick. Yes I sell ebooks, but I don't expect people to buy them. There's a huge difference in what your demanding!
8h ago
pyro: Afternoon pets.
5h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Sex sells.
5h ago
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