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Drako's Art Contest - December 2018The latest winner is:[Twang] - Pet Rabbit - https://www.furiffic.com/SharkBiteBunny/view/61145by SharkBiteBunny - https://www.furiffic.com/SharkBiteBunnyNow for this Month:Nomination Theme: Face Sitting Voting Theme:MLPNo
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Espero que les gusten
diapered368d 11.28.2018 1 34

Hello darlings I have exciting news to share with you. On www.Phonesexmamas.com we are going to be hosting a Sunday Sleepytime Story Hour. On Sunday Dec. 6th at 9 pm EST we will have a special bedtime activity and story time for all the Littles that would
MommySadieP2P 11.27.2018 1 75
Get Some Diapers!

diaperbabyboy2000: any woman from wisconsin on here like to be in diapers with a woman near milwaukee wisconsin text too 2623435610 please
2d ago
amu1989: I've had a message from a 'mom4life', I assume yet another spammer?
2d ago
amu1989: And for the record, James is a nice person. He means well and is obviously just looking for friends, as we all are.
2d ago
Beekay: Well, the Internet can be a bit of a cruel place, just like the real world.
2d ago
kentlad: Hey
2d ago
abmelissa: here if you pvt chat inbox me peeps x
SissyDoughboy: Hi hi Diapermaters!
Party_in_my_Pampers: Well, perhaps if someone were to present to me evidence to the contrary, I still think James has an agenda and is a scammer.
Party_in_my_Pampers: Prove me wrong.......
LittlespaceOnline: I don't know if he's a scammer but I'm pretty skeptical of generally all people and have personally questioned if he is just a troll. But, again, his repetitive posts don't really bother me and I feel like IF he is a troll then he's probably relatively easily discovered in a one-on-one chat at some point. I mean, well, I assume anyone looking to get close with him would call him and video chat so there's that. IF he is a troll then he spends an awful long time trolling and wasting time in one community. But he does willingly splatter his clear face photo, his name, general location, and his social media accounts out there while claiming his parents don't know about this part of him. You'd think he'd be a bit more shy about risking the reveal. But, again, not really my concern. I blocked him ages ago and no longer sign into the chat system anyway so my personal interactions with him are, at this point, bare. So, the most "offensive" thing he does in terms of what I'm aware of is continue to look for a local partner and, well, hey, I think that's just about everyone here so I don't see that as anything beyond the average user activity.
LittlespaceOnline: Someone said something once that he was a scammer because he is looking for someone that would allow him to wear diapers freely in their home. I'm not sure how that is a scamming situation or if I misunderstood that, but that sounds like a reasonable thing to request of a partner or diapered friend who is comfortable with that.
LittlespaceOnline: Maybe he meant he is looking for someone to BUY him diapers to wear in their home. Which...yeah, that's kind of forward to ask someone to be buying you things, but I've been approached with that request plenty of times by people I've just met. That just seems like a general community misunderstanding in terms of acceptable behaviors.
DanielABDL: DLG is a proven sociopathic troll that loves stirring the pot for kicks (this may trigger some of her friends. I am sorry. I am sorry you ARE her friend, you poor soul. ;) ) Anyway, whatever she says is moot, James is NO scammer, just a desperate guy looking.
LittlespaceOnline: Eh, I don't know DLG at all (just the same as I "know" James) so I'm just as skeptical of them as I am anybody else, haha. Nobody's perfect though. I just get upset seeing people really take stabs at James' quick one-liner when it seems to be very reasonable behavior on a dating site, and if he is doing something genuinely in bad taste then I guess there isn't much evidence to back that up yet since he's still around here. The admin seems pretty good at removing pests and those who are proven to be, say, scammers.
24h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: I guess nobody has complained about him taking advantage of anyone so I guess I'm gonna just assume he is cool and if I sent him any diapers in the mail, I would get a thank you.
23h ago
LittlespaceOnline: Maybe. Though, I don't know who sends non-medical-need diapers to someone without feeling any personal connection to them? I mean, well, I'd assume you'd know him well enough if you're mailing him leisure things and know his appreciation for the gift(s). If you're sending a stranger items then I think you are probably aware of the risk you're taking that they're going to cut and run? I've burned myself a few times doing this in the past though so I guess it's an easy thing to accidentally fall into doing when you think you really connect with someone in the first few chats.
22h ago
LittlespaceOnline: But was that the issue then and I just misunderstood? I mean, he was asking people to send him diapers and not being gracious about receiving them? I could understand feeling it was a scam if he fibbed about having genuine interest in the sender. Again though, I think that's more just in poor taste for the community in asking for people to send diapers but a common misconception of acceptable behavior.
22h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Sorry. Didn’t send James anything but I connected to a few other users in the past and sent stuff in the mail only to have them disappear or just ignore me after receiving my stuff.
9h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: My fault.
9h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: James is getting more press than he deserves. I’m moving on.
7h ago
soggymale04: sorry that happened to you Party_in_my_Pampers.
6h ago
Party_in_my_Pampers: Not a big loss but a big learning lesson. Never again.
3h ago
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