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How To Spot An Online Dating Scam 1. You meet someone online 2. They say all of the right things 3. Story will lead to them having a financial problem
133 days ago
New colors of our popular pocket diapers. Butter/Cream, Grape and Brown among others! http://teenadultdiapers.com/index.php?cPath=22
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I sit on my own Big Comfy Couch eating a bowl of Froot Loops watching TV. "Loonette is so silly, and her Dolly Molly is even more silly!" I say to no one in particular. Well, if my Daddy was here, I'd be saying it to him. I like talking to my Daddy. "At least my name is not silly. Clover is *NOT* si…
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me chillin in a fresh diaper
19 hours ago
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Me and my kitty!
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10.02.2015 01:15
Posted by Diaperboy032
Hello everyone
10.02.2015 01:16
Posted by Diaperboy032
Anyone online wanna chat with me if so message me
10.02.2015 03:27
Posted by DiaperedKid
10.02.2015 07:31
Posted by nznappyboy
hey everyone
10.02.2015 13:39
Posted by diapersup55
hi all diapermates
10.02.2015 15:55
Posted by pottypanties
At least for the time being, My wife will not let me use a toilet for any reason! She says if and when she changed her mind, that is how it is going to be.
10.02.2015 16:22
Posted by bb_brain
that wonderful you should never ever use the potty again that gold rule
10.02.2015 21:48
Posted by tumbleweed
I am going to have a big wet mess in my thick cloth diapers tonight. All dressed up in my sissy dress ,stockings, ruffeled socks and mary jane shoes. Diaper so full of pee and poo. Going to love it.
10.02.2015 22:37
Posted by Diaperboy032
Any baby girls looking for a daddy if so message me
10.03.2015 00:27
Posted by babydiapersub
looking for a daddy if so message me
10.03.2015 07:18
Posted by michaelsbard
im looking for mommy & daddy .. add me :)
10.03.2015 08:39
Posted by DiaperedKid
... poopy
10.03.2015 12:45
good morning

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