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2 days ago
How To Spot An Online Dating Scam 1. You meet someone online 2. They say all of the right things 3. Story will lead to them having a financial problem
103 days ago
New colors of our popular pocket diapers. Butter/Cream, Grape and Brown among others! http://teenadultdiapers.com/index.php?cPath=22
105 days ago
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13 minutes ago
new ID diaper. best fit for me ever.
50 minutes ago
Being in my diapers
8 hours ago
10 hours ago
11 hours ago
17 hours ago
Hell no! - 0%
Maybe... - 0%
For sure! When and where can we meet? - 100%
17 hours ago
well all ready for bed just in case of accidents
20 hours ago
24 hours ago
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09.02.2015 13:16
Posted by RonnieJA
Love the new the look to the site
09.02.2015 13:17
Posted by BabySchrodinger
Good morning world
09.02.2015 18:35
Posted by bigwetnappy
dont like new lay out it was hard before now i am realy strugger;ing
09.02.2015 22:28
Posted by scott20
whats up anyone want to chat?
09.03.2015 09:06
Posted by BabySchrodinger
I don't like the new layout, can't chat with my friend, but we can message.
09.03.2015 09:50
Posted by wolfpackredneck
good morning
09.03.2015 10:04
Posted by pisspants
when I click to see who is online no one shows up not even me and I am online
09.03.2015 10:05
Posted by wolfpackredneck
yeah i know do u see me
09.03.2015 10:08
Posted by wolfpackredneck
i am looking for a texting buddy
09.03.2015 12:39
Posted by chodgson
Baba ber ga ga goo goo
09.03.2015 14:35
Posted by babyashleigh
hello what do you press to show your online
09.03.2015 17:12
Posted by bigwetnappy
chat anyone as no one can see i am online,the new look is not working at all
09.03.2015 17:16
Posted by bigwetnappy
hello any one on here tonight
09.03.2015 19:23
Posted by wetz1
I think the chat is still down
09.04.2015 02:49
Posted by diaperboy1974
I think the new format could be pretty good once the bugs are worked out
09.04.2015 02:49
Posted by diaperboy1974
I was able to see people online for a bit
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