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Rearz and Dotty Diaper Brands in the US! http://www.cooshietooshiez.com/
5 hours ago
Kimmie Talks Pacifiers (HD Video), Batgirl wears diapers, Kimmy is pretty in pink - New content at www.4ab.me today!
5 days ago
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Get Some Diapers!
Lina_Inverse: :)
2d ago
gunner: Hello to all
wolfpackredneck: What's up
gunner: I wish to hear details of someone's experiences in their diapers
gunner: Why do youo wear? How did you start? Do you wear in public? etc
Babygirllittlekitten: Hi hi ** waves**
baby-danny8787: Hello. I'm looking for a babysitter to take care of me.... I'm an adult baby. Can you help?
diapersup125: please administrator get a hold of ne so i can get into my other account diapersup55 i forgot password and im not getting the reset email its turned off in my settings to recieve emails
diapersup125: or go into my account under diapersup55 and make it so i can recieve your reset email and password link
dlalex181: any one in Houston? felling lonely
bigwetnappy: chat anyone ??
nznappyboy: Afternoon all
wetdlkiwi: Howdy nz
diapersup125: admin get a hold of me i forgot password to my original id diapersup55 and i have emails blocked in the settings and im not getting the reset emails
23h ago
Babygirllittlekitten: Hihi
23h ago
RealGoddess2017: Hello there! I am waiting for my lucky baby :)
18h ago
sissyme6: Realgoddess2017 kik?
16h ago
MARCY: nothing better then waking up in a wet and poopy diaper
11h ago
BigBabyBoy32: Hello everyone
8h ago
pyro: evening everyone
6h ago
Baby_Man: Would anyone agree with me in saying that for ABDLs, it is good to be a pooper at a party (If you know what I mean😉)
4h ago
Simon_DL: Good evening to all
3h ago
BigBabyBoy32: Hello simpn
2h ago
BigBabyBoy32: *Simon*
2h ago
Shysissie: I am wearing a very thick diaoer and a little pink babydoll nightie waiting for wifes friends to come use me
11m ago
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