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caring genuine a nappy or diaper lover when time calls for it :) i love the idea of sharing this with someone but someone who can switch between real world and our make believe. I love cuddles, romantic and just a nice guy :)

Sadly I've only been back on here for 2 weeks now and already experienced why i logged out and took a hiatus. It really feels these kinda sites are not really the best place to meet like minded people. Ive found you start talking to someone then all of a sudden there's nothing or you find out they are not who they say they are. How many people even read others profiles? I certainly do...that's more important to me than a pic that most the time is not of us because the real us aren't always comfortable putting that up for all to see.

If you're reading this then you really are the one I'd love to message and build a friendship with :) im just not sure if im going to find an honest true friend here... please prove me wrong.


Been locked out so please ignore the email bellow.

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A smile a day :D

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