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Just a nice..somtimes shy.little boy from Holland (NOT a baby..or something!..Just a littl boy!). I am am a awesome nice switch to a nice DADDY TOO!! always good and funny.  I love to cook and I play drums! Okay I have too wear...but love to is 24/7 diapers and plastic pants...and yeah... I love who I and honest..just myself.  .I hope to find a nice friends!!  Iff you like to know??? ask me...I am so open and honest.....Because I wanna be good to others!!!!  So please do not be shy and ask??!!   Huggssss and XXx...



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11 days ago
littlebabyboy4u wrote littleboy4you
Before you and the other moron shoot off your mouths about someone you don't know, you should learn the facts first! Littleboy4u and Diaperguymd. Everyone one is entitled to their opinion and thoughts. I get and understand what you are saying as yes, 95% percent of the women and even men ask for those things! However, the both of you are so far off on your comments about MsssRacheal it isn't even funny! I have known MsssRachel for close to 9 years now and she is who she says she is! She have... see more NEVER once asked me for gift cards or credit cards. The only time she ask for money from anyone is to buy material to hand sew outfits that she wants her boys and babies to wear for her! MsssRachel is 100% genuine and a damn nice lady!
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14 days ago
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19 days ago
littleboy4you commented on a photo

You look awesome Tessan... Greets from me from Holland..

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Adam4u wrote littleboy4you
Hi littleboy4you
Very cute indeed
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