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**I always looking for more people to talk to, be it about kink or anything else. Same goes for meeting people or anything else**

Meowie :)

My name is Kirsty and I am currently in the process of transitioning my gender from male to female. As of the 5th December 2016, I am full-time female now, this means I present as female in all aspects of life from work to home :).

I tend to be fairly shy at first but after I get to know someone I can be very energetic and quite a handful. I may have been born a different gender to the one I identify as but that doesn't stop me from loving the colour pink or from making high pitched squeals if something or someone surprises me :P.

My experience in this side of life is very limited and I am looking for friends and people to play/explore with. I am attracted to females and people who present or identify that way, but I am not opposed to friendships or playing with anyone.

**I will happily admit I am not sure what I am looking for yet but I am here to explore and learn.**

#### The big little elephant in the room

Of course by that, I mean the fact that I am a little. I am a bit strange I guess in that I don't regress per say. I don't have an age I act or anything like that, I stay exactly as I am normally, you could find me wearing a nappy and quite happily coding away.

I wouldn't necessarily call my little side a kink or a fetish, it runs a lot deeper than that. My little side fits in with how I am day to day. I can quite easily spend hours just cuddling with my teddy relaxing and watching the world go by. For me being little is a break from the rest of life, it allows you to have that time just to unwind and relax but, there is also a kinky side to being little.

In my eyes, part of being little is to be helpless, to have others help you with tasks and to be in complete control of the day. Restraints such as tape/mittens on the hands make it impossible for a little to be independent and thus requires help which a career or partner can provide. Maybe a little should be seen but not heard so a gag or a pacifier tied around their head would solve that problem.

Really I know I have a large bondage and restraint kink and that can range from innocent little bondage (so cuddles while tied up) all the way to the more bedroom based play.

Now restraints aren't just limited to little time. I have a fairly open mindset to most forms of play, with limits on massive amounts of pain or blood. I would happily explore a more submissive side outside of being little. I am a complete novice here so show me something new and I might love it!

### Vanilla bits

I work in IT and my job involves building websites and web applications. My social life also has a big involvement in computers and video games. I have been part of gaming communities for many years and I interact with them on a daily basis. Interacting with these communities and games is generally the only time I take a leadership role and can normally be found in the centre of the action as opposed to clinging to the sidelines.

If you know Carl Jung's personality types then I am an INFJ

### If your still here you should probably look at my writings :)

Kik : littleluab
### Limits

Not a complete list. Just the ones I know about so far, they may adapt and change as time goes on.
-- Blood
-- Lasting damage
-- Large amounts of pain
-- Derogatory or abusive language

### BDSM test

I took this test in May 2017.

== Results from ==
100% Rope bunny
94% Girl/Boy
93% Submissive
75% Pet
59% Brat
58% Ageplayer
58% Experimentalist
47% Slave
45% Vanilla
40% Exhibitionist
33% Degradee
31% Primal (Prey)
27% Voyeur
22% Non-monogamist
17% Masochist
0% Switch

Below is the first time i took this test in September 2016.
== Results from ==
98% Girl/Boy
95% Ageplayer
94% Submissive
76% Rope Bunny
63% Pet
51% Brat
38% Masochist
37% Vanilla
32% Experimentalist
25% Slave
20% Primal (Prey)
15% Degradee
10% Switch
8% Daddy/Mommy
4% Non-monogamist
4% Dominant
4% Exhibitionist
3% Rigger
2% Voyeur
2% Brat Tamer
2% Master/Mistress
2% Sadist
1% Owner
1% Degrader
1% Primal (Hunter)

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Aww you're so cute, good luck with your search
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Annoying some people seem to lose all common sense when they approach the internet. People realise there is possibly a barrier of anonymity in front of them and they stop caring about what they say to people and instead stop thinking of people as people, and instead as the construct of their fantasies. Other times people just don't know what to do or say, so they start with the one topic they may know a  bit about :/.



I get that everyone here either wears diapers, likes wetting (or messing) or likes making others wear. I mean, that's why I am here afterall, because I wear for medical need. Anyways, it gets really old really fast that that is the only thing people care t
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That one was actually taken by me at night :P. Not during the morning ;)

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