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Hai *waves*

 kik: littleluab

Few key things to get out the way first

* Yes I am Transgender.

* I am shy around new poeple.

* I love hugs & cuddles.


### Kink


To describe myself in a single sentence I would say I am a submissive person who likes being adorable and has little tendencies.


Now to expand on the above. I would say I am a submissive with some needs and by that I mean I have barely any experience with most things. So I would need to be slowly shown stuff and test around to see what kinks fit with me really. I have some ideas already which is mainly bondage and little related. Now the little stuff does tend to scare some people off so I shall attempt to explain it a bit better here :). By little I mean I tend to be cuddly, shy, bouncy and a little bit mischievous. It is by no means a specific kink or anything like that, it's purely how I sometimes describe myself to others.


In terms of the sort of person I would look to do stuff with. That person would have to be a dom/top but also have caring tendencies almost. So someone who would play and have fun but equally be there for cuddles hugs and generally be able to cope with me attempting to be adorable. 


### Vanilla bits


I have a cuddly toy at work and I carry my teddy bear with me in my handbag most places I go. Mainly for two reasons, one they are cute and secondly they are great anxiety and stress relievers. You never know when you're going to have a mini-meltdown or some form of anxiety related panic. 


I work in IT and my job involves building websites and web applications. My social life also has a big involvement in computers and video games. I have been part of gaming communities for many years and I interact with them on a daily basis. Interacting with these communities and games is generally the only time I take a leadership role and can normally be found in the centre of the action as opposed to clinging to the sidelines.


### What am I looking for? 


At the moment I am looking for people to make friends with and eventually see about playing and learning things. One of my goals at the moment is to meet more people and another is to go to events, so should be fun.


Kik: littleluab



### BDSM test


== Results from @ 13th Jan 2018 == 

100% Rope bunny 

93% Submissive 

88% Boy/Girl 

75% Experimentalist 

75% Pet 

64% Ageplayer 

59% Brat 

52% Non-monogamist 

45% Masochist 

42% Vanilla 

38% Slave 

8% Primal (Prey) 

7% Degradee 

2% Exhibitionist 

2% Voyeur 

0% Switch 


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Ah but then you will find the issue I have. If your by yourself you can just take them off. Which sorta defeats the point :(.

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