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Hi y'all!

I am loekie which is a bit of a fake name but I am really 31 years old and also really into diapers. I have been for as long as I can remember.

I've worn diapers on and off for years and have had quite a few kinky dates and relationships. But its always been a bit of a secret thing I kept far away from my 'normal life'. Only recently I've decided to change that and fully accept and embrace that side of me.

A side that's not even that clearly defined. I have a submissive nature but have also been the dominant in certain situations. I'm bisexual and, raised in a liberal family, never really felt the need to pin myself down on such things. If it feels good to you, do it.

So, I am looking for many things and nothing in particular at the same time.

I have some normal friends, great ones too. But they don't know about this side of me. So I feel as if I'm always giving them a censored version of myself. Holding out on them. I don't like that, it doesn't fit the type of person I am.

I would really love to meet some likeminded people. Diaperlovers, adult babies, sissies, caretakers. Just to hang out and talk about life, share experiences and all of that good stuff! Especially if you're from the Netherlands and interested in meeting real life, but don't let distance be a barrier!

This especially goes to sissies because I have a special relationship to it. For a long time I fantasised about being a sissy myself, but when it finally came true... I hated it :'( Since then I think I just really admire sissies and, having dealt with it myself, appreciate that it can be a really hard and confusing desire to have. They hold a very special place in my heart. I'm not a true dominant but I like to view myself as a sort of a bigger brother... Or maybe even lover, because I have to admit... Some sissies are way too cute!

So, come one, come all and, most of all, come as you are! Let's talk, share, get to know each other and we'll see where it goes. I'm just really done with being alone with this and keeping it to myself. I would love to find a way to integrate it into my normal life. Imagine how great it would have to be to have a small group of friends over for dinner and drinks and everybody can be who they want to be...big, little, boy, girl or something in between. That would just be a dream come true! Let's make it happen already...

Further, eventually *sigh...I would love to find someone to love and share my life with. Someone who is sensitive to my desires and I to theirs. I would really like to have a strong partner that's able to control me at times. I am submissive and in some ways a bit childish (I mean that in the nicest way possible.. I don't mean that I'm petty or anything!) and I don't want to hide that from the person I love and live with. It automatically means that they will have a lot of control over me, but I'm absolutely fine with that.

As I am bisexual it can be a man or a woman, bit for some reason I think I may have more luck with guys. They simply seem to 'take' to this fantasy more ;) In any case, the connection and live between us is the most important thing. I don't fall in love with a gender, but with a person who has that rare mix of strength and caring and who is able to make me go quiet. I'm looking for someone to share my life with, including all the boring day to day stuff but most of all the exciting bits. With the right person next to me I really would not mind them controlling me and take me under their discipline. It's not so much that we have a D/s. It's just that if you tell me to do something, I'll do it ;)

The above is an ideal, but it'll obviously change depending on the person I fall in love with. It may be completely different. Like I said, I have a huge weakness for sissies so I may just as well fall in love with a beautiful sissy boy/girl and end up taking care of her/him :) That would be just as nice.

I've really given up on letting my personal fantasies dictate what a relationship should look like. You'll never get it anyway and even if you did, it would still only be what you can imagine. How boring is that? I think it's much more useful to concentrate on finding a group of nice people instead of searching endlessly for the Perfect Someone. If they're out there, he or she may be completely different than I ever imagined and could write a personal for...and I'd totally miss that.


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