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  •  Darkrider100: 

    Hello I am new here looking for a mommy.

     12 days ago 
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  •  babyteen: 

    can you change your name when you upgrade?

    3 points
  •  babyve: 

    I got this 20 daller gold membership thinking I could chat on here but I cant I want my money back

    6 points
  •  Chilli: 

    How long does it take. For the membership to roll over or. You to get in contact

    5 points
  •  wally: 

    I can not chat to my friend anymore on chat room y am I blocked let me know

    2 points
  • Comment by MikeDaddy is hidden. Show.
    -4 points
  •  MikeDaddy: 
    Hi all Mike in London uk looking to chat with a little or ABDL
    -4 points
  •  Jameslfc: 
    I am nappies right now
    -3 points
  •  LonelyNathanVeryPapered: 
    I want everybody to know that I haven't ever felt like being spanked sore like this bad before... Not until l I saw this comment from you, dafkmf12.
    I know I would always remember it ..
     02.06.20161 replies1 replies 
    0 points
  •  dafkmf12: 
    My pink Robo Spanker came today! Some one is going to have a sore bottom to be diapered very soon!
     11.28.20151 replies1 replies 
    2 points
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