Photo Rules on DiaperMates:

  1. Photos of children are NEVER allowed. Zero tolerance. Post one and be banned.
  2. We do not allow "messy" photos showing scat or poopy diapers.
  3. We do not allow exposed genitals; ABDL is a unique community with many members who aren't involved with it for sexual reasons, and we have decided to keep this a "PG" place for their sake.
  4. Do not post copyrighted material you do not have the rights or permission to use.
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  •  fetfun: 

    Interesting, we can't post poop or nudes pics - and yet it is impossible to delete a profile no matter how often you ask - nicely that its - ironic!

    -1 point
  •  Diaper_Guru: 

    Yes, thanks for the post. I want to add that if anyone breaks these rules, they make things worse for everybody on this site

    1 point
  •  liljester: 

    Thank you for posting that, now lets hope people actually read and follow the rules.

    2 points
  •  BrianDC1982: 

    Thank you for posting this....

    2 points
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