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Remember: No photos of kids, No poop pics. No genital nudity. No more warning, we will delete anyone posting such images.

While this is an adult site, many ABDL age-players are non-sexual when it comes to their diaper wearing and do not want to see hardcore content. We welcome your face profile pics, full body clothed/diapered pics and age-play wear including furries are other related fetishes, but please no nudity, cumshots, sex, etc..

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  •  Bifind: 

    Newmommy4urlove is a scammer

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  •  Baby_Guppy: 

    The user openheartforu is the same scammer as GoodMommy. Still trying to pass herself off as Kayla Camerella AKA GND Kayla the porn star/cam girl. She has offered to send a pic of her passport, no doubt photoshopped. Do NOT trust this person she/he/it is a scammer!

    Here's a tip: if their profile comes up 'profile not available' then they are most likely a scammer and should be avoided.

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  •  Baby_Guppy: 

    GoodMommy is a scammer using pictures of Kayla Camerella as herself/himself. She has asked me directly for money for a plane ticket. Do NOT trust this person she/IT is a scammer!

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  •  HandyDandy: 

    How can those of us being diapered due to medical reasons be un wanted, It's the human body for crying out loud, its a natural way of living for soo many of us. One should not be embarrassed over this

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  •  babyrexi: 

    Scat on his profile photo.

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  •  Nessie_Celery: 

    Mom4life, calls herself April Moore. Scammer. Fake pic, sent fake passport, asks for money. 

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  •  Foxian: 
    Poop 'n penis, can you please get rid, thankyou!
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  •  Anonymous: 
    Pvinyl is showing his maanhood which is highly offensive and i am thinking of leaving this site because others put them up and it is not a ice thing to see.
     09.27.20161 replies1 replies 
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  •  ViciousLittleBaby: 
    The profile DominatrixKerry is an extremely clumsy "dominant" who browbeats users with demands to prove their worth in service and then manipulates and coerces the people she's contacting to sign up for ihookup to prove her worth and pay for a premium membership. She calls this completing a "submission profile." The site is well documented all over google for being a scam site. I think she should be banned.
    -1 point
  •  Rubdl49: 
    I applaud your stance on this.
    However I am a little bit puzzled by 'no cocks'. If male and female genitalia is shown in the process of the person being diapered, is that offensive ?
    Full nudity, erect cocks and the sexual act either MF, FF or MM should not be allowed, there are plenty of other sites where you can find this.
    For me I use this site to chat and meet people on-line who share the pleasures of ab/dl and all that this entails.
    However, I do prefer real people who enjoy ab/dl NOT glamour models posing in diapers and baby clothes, sadly these are produced to satisfy some peoples masturbation fantasies.
    Thankfully this site is for for genuine ab/dl people.
    Thankfully most
     07.13.20162 replies2 replies 
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