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Girlie Boy
This was perhaps the worst birthday party of his short life. His Mommy caught him in her panty drawer and she invited all her friends over to help her make his fantasy come true. Now he has become his Mother''s daughter and a baby daughter at that.
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  •  dpalmer8371: 
    I like to remember my 21st birthday, instead going out and getting smashed, like most of the guys do. I went to my step mothers. She ask me what I wanted for my birthday. I simply replied that I wanted to be a baby girl. Running around dressed like that is all I wanted. She replied "I would love to do that. I will dress you pretty special. You will look so cute dress as a baby girl. I will put you a nice thick diaper, so you will waddle like a baby. With pink extra big diaper pins. A pink fluffy dress, with a satin pink bra. I will let you suck a bottle and/or a pacifier. I think a very pretty baby bonnet is in order to. I knew you love to be dressed like that ever since I diapered you at seven years old! You make such a pretty sissy baby. Any time you want to be dressed, just come and tell me you want to be a sissy baby in diapers. I will dress you then. I did this at 22, 30, 35. She was true to her word, I got to be a sissy baby, dressed in pink, and was treated like a baby, right down to the baby bottle, and put in a play or high chair.
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  •  dpalmer8371: 
    Mommy please don't humiliate me like this I wont get in your panty drawer no more. Honey to late for that. As long as you live here you will be diapered and put in dresses with sissy baby pants. I had always wanted a cute baby girly and now your it. Every day when you get home from school you will be diapered, put in baby panties and dresses. Also you will get at training bra to and lipstick and a baby hat. I m also going to get you some pretty black girl shoes with lacey stockings and gloves. And let me remind you that time when you ask me to diaper you and I told you that you was a big boy. Well here is your wish and you will be diaper every chance I get. An you are going to get a high chair too.
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  •  dpalmer8371: 
    I really enjoyed my step mom dressing me like this right up to high school I was dressed in a diaper baby pants and dress and a training bra
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  •  dpalmer8371: 
    Oh mommy I didn't know that your friends is going to be here.. Is that why you put a diaper and baby pants on me too
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09.25.2011 (2459 days ago)
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