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Sissy Baby
The new sissy has been diapered and is a baby girl all dressed in white.
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  •  dpalmer8371: 
    My aunt told me one time, when we were at a family reunion. When she was going to take care of my and my brother, because my dad and step mother was going to take a trip. She hugged me and told if I wet my pants that she would diaper me and put me in rubber pants. At the time, I acted like I was embarrass and just said I wont. So when the time came, and me an my aunt were alone, she was cooking dinner and I was watching. I ask her if she would still diaper me, if I wet my pants, she replied yes she would. My next statement surprised her when, I ask her " Do I have to wet my pants to get a diaper on"? She looked at me and ask "honey do you want to be diapered." I said "yes, that I wanted to feel what it was like to dressed like that. She told me "Go to my room and lay across the bed." She came in with diapers, baby pants, and a baby bottle. She took my boy clothes of me. The she powered my behind like a girl. Put the diaper on me, the she gave me the bottle, while she put the frilly baby pants on and then the dress. She asked me if Francis dressed me like this. I said "I was too scare to asked her? My aunt said "Honey its ok to want to be dressed as a baby, and Francis would love to do it. She is coming over today and we will let her see you in your sissy baby clothes, I know she would love it. She has talk to me about it and now that she will know you like it. I guarantee that she will do it often. Francis came over and my Aunt Ellen said there is something want show you. I came in, She saw me dressed as a sissy baby girl, She was ecstatic. She said "Why didn't you tell me you want to be a sissy.
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  •  Colyoghurt: 
    Yes it is so important for modern women to take charge and regress their men into thick baby nappies like this!
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  •  paulapetal: 
    dpalmer8371 Pleeeeeeeeesz diaper me too
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  •  dpalmer8371: 
    You wont believe this he asked to be dressed like this and I said that I would be glad to make him a pretty baby. He loves it!! I think I' going to enjoy having a husband that is a sissy baby. I know I love to put a diaper on him and make him take a bottle to keep him quiet while I doing it. Women unite start diapering your husbands they secretly love it. Dear please don't dress me like this it is so humiliating. Please be quiet and you will address me as mommy for know own. In time you will get used to be dress like a sissy baby and start to love it, but I think you do know! This afternoon you will be dressed in pink with Rhumba baby panties and a nice thick diaper so you will waddle like a baby and Your panties will crackle. telling every one how much of a baby you are
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09.24.2011 (2431 days ago)
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