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Cum my little sissies
The sissy girls have to stroke their clitties as often and for as long as the mistress says they do!
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  •  BigCryBaby: 
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  •  paulapetal: 
    Me and my wife have a house free for 4 days and I am really looking forward to a long week end as a sissy baby gurl for 3-4 days.I am realy racking my feeble naieve and so innocent,2 year old baby gurl brain as to how fill in the time Mummy says changes are only allowed in the morning and before bedi byes at 8 pm
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  •  Stevie: 
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  •  dpalmer8371: 
    You will be diapered after milking and you will ware diapers and dresses all week long.. You need to be careful what you ask for. For 3 weeks Jim and Johnny ask me to make them a sissy baby and I finally granted there wish. Boys you will be double diapered at night in you crib with your bottle and if your good I will breast feed you two sissies. Ladies believe me if you have a teenage son or a husband start diapering them and make them be obedient for they love to be sissy babies. they might deny it but diaper them anyway. Mommy please can I be diapered now like the sissy baby I am please make me a cute sissy baby! Ok dear with pleasure I am going to do just that and for a long time at least a year or longer and you will be diapered in front of my lady friends as well. How about dad what will he say. Don't worry boys your dad is a sissy baby to been one before you two sissy boys was born but wont tell him either cause he such a baby I have to give him a pacifier to keep him from crying when I diaper him. Un like you boys who just love to be diapered by me so much so when I tell you to lay down your legs go up automatically so I can put a clean thick diaper on you. I so glad you boys like to be diapered and dressed like a little gurl Just think you ask me to do it I didn't have to force you in a diaper but that would have been fun to. Either way you sissies were going back into diapers and dresses
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  •  Babyfrankie: 
    That's me . But doing with my diapers on. Loving every minute of it .
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09.24.2011 (2403 days ago)
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