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Cum for me
Cum for me
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  •  Ebony1982: 
    One day this will be me I am such a sissy baby girl want my mommy....
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  •  BigCryBaby: 
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  •  dpalmer8371: 
    New Story: Oh my you really work hard on that fence and being a man but we know what you really like. So dear its bath time and time to breast feed you and you know that means a diaper and a dress and baby bonnet and rhumba baby pants. I can see you smile from the thought of it. So don't act as if I'm making you ware them. At first yes I made you a sissy baby cause I caught you warring my pink panties. But then I discover that you like being a sissy so I made you a sissy baby and you look so cute dressed like that. So when you are out being a man that's ok but as soon as you come home from work it right back into diapers and sissy attire for you boy. What do you have to say for your self sissy boy.
    Mommy please diaper me and dress me as a sissy baby I so tired of sneaking around to ware girly panties. I like being a sissy baby and breast feeding too can I start getting a baba to while I'm being diapered Mommy? Sure honey no problem I went to the store and got all baby needs and sissy dresses and a special cute training bra for you to ware. I'm gong to love making you a sissy gurly boy. Mommy you don't have to make me be a sissy I want to be one so I can suck your big breast they taste so good. and I like you raising my legs to put a thick diaper on me and making me ware baby girly panties with ruffles. And ware dresses for you mommy. thank you for dressing me like this. Oh honey I didn't know that you like it so. You are a pretty baby. Here is your training bra Sissy boy I know you like it. Sissies are so much fun every wife should make their husband one They love it Just as I found out my did and now my teenage son likes it to . yes mommy I love being your sissy baby. May I start to get diapers changes in front of you girl friends so they can laugh and make fun of me cause I'm waring a diaper and baby pants. Ok honey I will start showing you off and let them change you when you need it.
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  •  Stevie: 
    Really cool.
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  •  dpalmer8371: 
    Mommy after you done milking me will you diaper me and make me look like the sissy that Im dressed!
    Mommy says "with pleasure dear cause you look so cute dressed like this I'm glad that I caught you in my underwear drawer. Also dear don't worry about being a boy, I think i'm going to enjoy making you ware diapers, baby pants, dresses. and making you breast feed I see you really enjoy it. Isn't being a sissy baby more fun that being a boy. Oh yes you are getting a training bra today to sissy boy. Goody!!!! mommy are you going to put it on me to make sure I am warring it right. Yes dear I will you are such a cute sissy baby. Now you be still and suck my breast till you spill all your sissy cream and then it will be diaper time.
    Oh goody mommy I love to be diapered by you. just think 18 years old and stilled diapered by his mommy and breast fed Mommy I love it. Oh I know you do my 18 year old sissy boy and mommy is going to start diapering you on a regular basis. You know what that means honey diapers and sissy dresses 24/7 and double diaper at nite
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09.24.2011 (2461 days ago)
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