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Diaper dream
Diaper dream
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  •  BigCryBaby: 
    Squirt squirt squirt!
     450 days ago 
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  •  sissybabysamantha: 
    my dream is to be a sissy baby
     459 days ago 
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  •  dpalmer8371: 
    My step mom use to make me pull them off the line and give them to her and she would put me in a diaper and baby pants all the time once in a while I would have to ware a dress. I sure miss my step mom making me ware diapers and looking like a sissy. She knew I enjoyed it I guess cause I would never have to ask she would just say go get the diapers and baby pants off the line and then go to your bedroom and get your boy pants off and I will put you in a diapers and dress and give you a bottle of juice.
     850 days ago 
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  •  BabyPantz: 
    I was there, this is me, as a teenager:) I finally had enough, and began to steal them off clothes lines, then steal plastic baby pants off Department Store hangers.

    Me is the BabyPantz:)
     1165 days ago 
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  •  ABAmyDL: 
    Tell us more sissyaliceab...please, tell us more.
     1466 days ago 
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This sissy wears diapers
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09.24.2011 (1475 days ago)
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Diaper dream