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Pretty sissy all in pink!
The little sissy will be kept in diapers for a very long time if her wife has her way.
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  •  Stevie: 
    Really cool!! Hugs and kisses, Stevie
     661 days ago 
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  •  dpalmer8371: 
    Honey I'm glad that your mother told me about you warring diapers in your teenage years she said that you liked it and now you will be kept in diapers dresses and baby panties. In time you will come to me and ask " mommy please put diapers on me and dress me as a sissy baby gurl and let me take a bottle.
    Yes dear I'm glad you talk to mommy now I have no secret any more. Can I still go over to mothers for a diapering do I have your permission. Not with out me dear I'm your mommy now and your mother will be second to diaper you. I will be diapering you most of the time and making you a sissy baby. You like mommy to make you pretty don't you dear. You smile every time I pick your legs up and put a nice thick baby diaper under you then pull the front up over your pee pee and pin it with cute pink diaper pins.
     816 days ago 
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This sissy wears diapers
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09.24.2011 (1442 days ago)
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Pretty sissy all in pink!