All Sites — Friendly babyfur fox open to making friends but only physically with girls. Owner of multiple ageplay groups on fetlfe.
03.24.2019 0 comments From edgyfox — This is the personal Profile of multiple ageplay groups on facebook. He is a nice guy and always up for making new friends. He lives in Victoria Australia, But is straight so happy to be friends with anyone but only physical with girls.
03.24.2019 0 comments From edgyfox — This is DiaperPerv (formerly Mommy Missy)  in Las Vegas Nevada providing adult babysitting service and diaper punishment and diaper fantasy facilitator 
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Private — Inner Child Events
12.30.2018 0 comments From BabyJesus — Hello everyone, I am Baby Tommy. I am a Gender Fluid AB/DL (Adult Baby/Diaper Lover), I am also a Babyfur & Art Hobbyist from the UK. When it comes to my AB/DL Lifestyle, I have to keep it secret for the most part due to what is considered “socially acceptable.” Many others like me have the sa…
12.16.2018 0 comments From PoopyBaby — It's my DDLG and ABDL tumblr !
11.12.2018 0 comments From FauvisDL — It's my fetlife profile.
11.12.2018 0 comments From FauvisDL — iABDL is a video sharing platform where the Adult Baby Diaper Lover community can share videos for free. All videos are accepted nude, and non-nude
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