All Sites — For adult baby regress look daddy I am sorry no speack english speack french only
12.26.2016 0 comments From daddyab — Littles Down Under is based in Brendale north Brisbane (Australia) .  It is a physical warehouse store that you can visit based at 16 / 50 Kremzow Road, Brendale.   It has a large and growing selection of ABDL products and other Caretaker items. You can shop on line or visit the premises. It shares …
11.19.2016 1 comments From Littles-Downunder — ABOUT #ABDLtruth is an advocacy organization and movement dedicated to spreading the truth and facts about ABDL and the ageplay lifestyle and disproving the stigmas, rumors, stereotypes, and other misrepresenting images about the ABDL community. While ABDL and ageplay is becoming more common place a…
11.17.2016 0 comments From tmg07 — Hey!! I'm a 21 yrs old lil boy who's working as an interpreter/translator. I love making new friends so feel free to send me a fanmail or ask me anything. Please don't ask me anything that is...
11.15.2016 0 comments From Lilboypatrick — If anyone needs a nice bedtime story -Mommy/babysitter
11.12.2016 0 comments From pamprboy — Nice video - ASMR Baby role play
11.04.2016 0 comments From pamprboy — It's my ABDL tumblr :)
10.21.2016 2 comments From Fauvis — Sissy and AB wear, great products although the prices can be high.
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Private — An AB/DL community dedicated to gay guys into diapers!
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