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Private — Check out our 1st Littles ^ Summit 2016 in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. June 23rd, 2016. Click link for more event info.
06.10.2016 1 comments From DLjessica
Private — Marketplace with the sale of new and used LEGO sets and parts.
04.26.2016 0 comments From Magle — Providing the finest, bespoke ABDL mummy / nanny service to Adult Babies, Sissies, DLs and Age-players at my special nursery in Nottingham UK. With glowing testimonials from littles as far and wide as the USA, Beijing and the Czech Republic, why not come and see for yourself why Mummy Grace is world…
04.18.2016 1 comments From BlankieLover — My facebook page
03.26.2016 0 comments From Kb6744 — A super fun, friendly forum community for those involved in a ABDL, DDlg, MDlb, Caregiver/little adult lifestyle or are interested in BDSM and ageplay.
03.25.2016 8 comments From LittlespaceOnline — Welcome to, the internet?s leading source for high-quality discount baby diapers, adult diapers, and incontinence supplies.
02.18.2016 0 comments From jwagner — I'm A Phone Sex Mommy who loves ABDLs so much. I specialize in discipline, mommy play, sissy babies, age regression hypnosis and much much more. Come see my play room! ?
02.17.2016 0 comments From MommyAnna — Let your fantasies come to life in 3D on IMVU. Sign-up for FREE using this link and be automatically added to my friends list. After signing up choose a starting avi and download the program it takes 5 minutes tops. On IMVU you can become anyone with there huge shop selections, AB Diapers, bibs, pac…
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