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12.26.2016 0 comments From daddyab — If you are an Adult Baby, Diaper Lover or a Sissy I would love to hear from you, or if you are female and would like to be big sister to my Adult Baby, I would love to hear from you. My Nursery for Adult Babies, Diaper Lover and Sissies will be open from 4 May 2015…
03.30.2015 0 comments From mommysue — TV Mistress with a preference for plastic Rubber Latex and BondagePhotos and Videos about Rubber Doll Adult Plastic Baby and TV Education
12.02.2014 1 comments From Tv-Domina — Another Diaper Birdie's Blog
07.07.2014 0 comments From rockymtnkinky — The Diapered Birdie's Tumblr Blog
07.07.2014 0 comments From rockymtnkinky — This is my little website... I use it for many things, such as Photos, Drawings, and Videos. It is also used for people to get to know me more as a person, with a brief biography, a Q&A area, and a blog. Feel free to check it out... though I will warn you the quite a bit of my content isn't real…
04.26.2014 0 comments From PoopyBaby — My ABDLMatch account
02.28.2014 2 comments From ABFaust — My IMVU page
02.28.2014 0 comments From ABFaust — Online Adult Baby Sewing Patterns Shop
01.01.2014 0 comments From happynappyboy — Live Nanny online to take all your adult baby calls. Live out your adultbaby fantasy
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