Browse Sites By Tag: adultbaby — This is a site for adult baby boys who are looking for seeking diaper punishment and need a professional ABDL mommy mommies sitter but cannot afford one so they can use a video AB mommy instead. Site offers DVD videos for regression sessions for ab/dl abdl and fantasy roleplay sessions with mommies …
04.06.2017 1 comments From mommymissy — abdl mommy Missy in Las Vegas Nevada providing adult babysitting service and diaper punishment to all AB's & DL's and everyone in between! 
04.06.2017 4 comments From mommymissy — The nursery is based in Kent, South East England. There are good road and rail links from anywhere in the country, and being in the South East means that travelling using the Channel Tunnel or Ferry from Europe is easy and affordable
02.13.2014 2 comments From babyjunior1982 — First Russian Adult&Sissy Baby social network!
07.04.2013 0 comments From nassy — If you're into wearing nappies/diapers, baby cloths, being treated like a baby, ageplay,bedwetter or just a mommy or daddy who looks after adult? babies then Baby Junior has something for everyone. I have got on my website : Stories, Comics, Drawings, Photos + So Much More!!!
03.04.2012 0 comments From babyjunior1982