Browse Sites By Tag: diapers — Extremely expensive - hope they come down in price.
08.11.2017 1 comments From pamprboy
Private — An AB/DL community dedicated to gay guys into diapers!
07.21.2016 0 comments From yagami1388 — My tumblr site. Not much there. I use to have a few pics but I took them down because, who am I kidding! Nobody wants to see a chubby 40 + age ugly man in a diaper, except my better half, maybe. lol!
06.15.2015 1 comments From wayne — I post my diaper videos here
11.04.2014 0 comments From poundpuppy — Another Diaper Birdie's Blog
07.07.2014 0 comments From rockymtnkinky — The Diapered Birdie's Tumblr Blog
07.07.2014 0 comments From rockymtnkinky — THis is my tumblr site.
03.31.2014 0 comments From jaybarry — This is a website that was around for a fewn years with Jill and Head Banger and had 100,000 photos and 500 videos etc. Well I just discovered that its back and quickly being rebuilt to its prior fame and glory
11.27.2013 1 comments From CJwetsthebed