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Top Rated Sites — If you want to chat with me, come chat with me in on IMVU just: Use the Link, Pick a starting Avatar, Sign Up, and download the user software. It only takes maybe 5 minutes to sign up so I dont want to hear any excuse and ITS FREE. Once you sign up and download the software and run it the first time…
10.25.2011 4 comments From Diaper_mistress — Online Adult Baby Sewing Patterns Shop
01.01.2014 0 comments From happynappyboy — German Diapersite
12.11.2013 0 comments From windelboyhh — A Great AB/DL Were All Can Chat Or Perhaps Read A Story
07.28.2015 0 comments From DiaperedKid — Réseau de rencontres ABDL avec des soirées et des week-ends gratuits Plusieurs pratiques sont acceptées comme la fessée, le BDSM
09.24.2014 0 comments From CoupleTSM — Cloth Diapers, Plastic Pants and More!
09.19.2014 1 comments From admin — You will fine more pic of me
08.09.2014 0 comments From ABru2ab — Diaper Photos from DailyDiapers and other sites.
06.07.2014 0 comments From admin — Another page of mine with better photos
05.24.2014 0 comments From littleboymark — My ABDLMatch account
02.28.2014 1 comments From ABFaust