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08.12.2019 0 comments From BabyLostLittleOne — This is DiaperPerv (formerly Mommy Missy)  in Las Vegas Nevada providing adult babysitting service and diaper punishment and diaper fantasy facilitator 
03.14.2019 2 comments From mommymissy
Private — This is a site for adult baby boys who are looking for seeking diaper punishment and need a professional ABDL mommy mommies sitter but cannot afford one so they can use a video AB mommy instead. Site offers DVD videos for regression sessions for ab/dl abdl and fantasy roleplay sessions with mommies …
04.06.2017 2 comments From mommymissy
Private — Mommy Phone Sex - Adult Baby Phonesex, Diaper Fetish, Naughty Baby  
01.26.2017 0 comments From MotherElaine — #ABDLtruth is an advocacy organization and movement dedicated to spreading the truth and facts about ABDL and the ageplay lifestyle and disproving the stigmas, rumors, stereotypes, and other misrepresenting images about the ABDL community. While ABDL and ageplay is becoming more common place and acc…
01.18.2017 3 comments From tmg07 — Hey!! I'm a 21 yrs old lil boy who's working as an interpreter/translator. I love making new friends so feel free to send me a fanmail or ask me anything. Please don't ask me anything that is...
11.15.2016 0 comments From Lilboypatrick — Nice video - ASMR Baby role play
11.04.2016 1 comments From pamprboy