#ABDLtruth is an advocacy organization and movement dedicated to spreading the truth and facts about ABDL and the ageplay lifestyle and disproving the stigmas, rumors, stereotypes, and other misrepresenting images about the ABDL community.

While ABDL and ageplay is becoming more common place and acceptable, there will always be those intolerant to it. That is where we come in.  

This is a sanctuary for those who seek truth about the ABDL lifestyle, and seek a voice to speak on their behalf when and where needed. Our organization speaks out against false claims made about ABDL in the mainstream media, and other forums. 

Our goal is to dismantle the stigmas and myths through true testimony, survey results, facts, and figures taken from our own community by our community.

We also reach out to other ABDL-based organizations and companies to help continue spreading awareness.


#ABDLtruth started as a hashtag movement on Twitter in early 2016 to counteract the biased of the mainstream media.

The inspiration for this movement comes from two different instances:

  1. The first is due to a friend of mine having been put into prison wrongfully due to the stigma surrounding the community. The prosecution labeled him along similar lines of a pedophile and sex offender. He is part of the reason this movement was started.

  2. The second comes from the now defunct entity "Diaper Pail Friends." While surrounded in controversy, the organization made amazing outreach efforts to advocate for the ABDL community during the late 1980's and early 1990's. We seek to follow that same path of advocacy for the current and future generations of ABDL's by utilizing the latest in Social Media resources.

In June of 2016, the #ABDLtruth campaign made its public debut at the Twin Cities Pride festival in Loring Park of Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I've turned advocate for the ABDL community :)
11.17.2016 (551 days ago)