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Diaper Wetting Video 10-13-150.mp4
Diaper Wetting Video 10-13-150.mp4
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  •  GoddessCurtiz: 
    Do you crave to obey, serve and to be humiliated baby? Do you desire strict punishment? Do you have a specific fetish you wish to delve into? Or do you seek to experience something new and stimulating? Perhaps you simply long to have a Mommy like Me in your life to explore your darkest and wildest secrets and fantasies. I am happy to guide you and help to find the most suitable session, for you to be comfortable. However for those of you, who has more experience, I can be strict and demanding and I expect 100% from my baby.


     9 days ago 
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  •  gunner: 
    I know that had to feel good!
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  •  BigCryBaby: 
    Baby made weewee!
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  •  diaperuk2003: 
    that looks good bet it feel good as well tena show wettings nicely
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12.29.2016 (207 days ago)
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