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4 days ago
DLJessica1975 info
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21 days ago
tommie2 wrote DLJessica1975
Hi Jessica. I would love to chat with you. Iam tommie. Im 53 years young. Lol. I have always loved the smell of pampers back in the day when the had a baby smell. My mom babysat and after school there was always a baby sleeping in my room. When my mom took the baby out of my room it resanated with baby powder. Anyways i would love to chat.
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24 days ago
diaperqueen66 wrote DLJessica1975
Only wished you were local,
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You can't fix stupid!!
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DLJessica1975 added 2 new photos to album DLJessica1975's photos
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DLboiii wrote DLJessica1975
hey im strictly DL only and i completely agree with not being on the adult baby side- DL only for me. It would be great to talk about it and get to know eachother as we must have a lot in common
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Jojothosgay wrote DLJessica1975
Would love to dirty diapers with you
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mender12 wrote DLJessica1975
Hi, I'm a DL as well. I'm 37 and live in the Chicago area as well. I'm looking to meet other DL's in the area around my age. Feel free to PM me.
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dprotaku26 wrote DLJessica1975
Hey would love to chat. If you would lIke to tall then I .sure would.
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Lucky41589 wrote DLJessica1975
I am also strictly DL leys chat sometime my KIK is Rooster41589 same for e-mail just add
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