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Daddychris007 wrote maryjane
I am looking for a little girl to look after change and be naughty with this is daddy please do mail me back and make me happy
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maryjane is now friends with shyyoungDL
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Huggiepants wrote maryjane

If you were my girlfriend I would call you over for a Pantie inspection when you got home from work. I would undo your jeans so your bum was facing me. I'd pull your panties down to check for any dirty marks on them. I would feel them to check if you had peed a dribble or 2 in them. If they weren't to my standard I would take you by the hand and lead you to the bathroom. I would run the bath full of warm soapy water. I'd get a washer and clean your legs. I'd order you to bend over the bath... see more and hand wash your panties while I spanked you until your bum was red. I'd let you clean off in the bath with bubbles. I would then dry you off with a towel and lead you into the bedroom. I'd lay you on a towel and grab your ankles lifting your legs into the air. I'd rub some diaper rash cream over your pussy into your bum crack and groin. I'd lift your bum into the air *******ther and slide a disposable nappy under you. Then I would take the baby powder and sprinkle it on you between your legs and a bit on the inside bum of the diaper. I would bring your legs down as I folded the diaper over you. Taping it up nice and firm so it looked neat. I'd blow some rasberrries on your belly and tell you I love you. You could then watch tv or play on the floor while I fixed dinner...I would wait for you to shyly tell me you have just wet your diaper ??
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Huggiepants wrote maryjane
Hi. How are you? I want to chat but it seems I have used up my 10 messages today ???? I'll send you a hello and introduction tomorrow. I like chatting and confessing my humiliating stories
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maryjane is now friends with belfastlittle2020
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