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This story takes place a while back when i had this serious gf. It was valentines day and we were at a chevys Mexican food restaurant and i was knockin back drinks nit evem knowing what she had set up an planned for me. So it was around 9:30pm she whispers
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Any Girls world wide want to chat while wearing there diapers? Just looking to meet female friends, not looking for a relationship! Just some diaper talk.x Kik  ScottishDiaperBoy 
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Utah Diaper Fans – mainly Diaper Lover’s here... new group –
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After i explained its much more than a kink, an that ive always felt unloved or not good enough. Being i had a chaotic father and a young mom. Im not to sure the combination but i wet the bed and wore pull up goodnights till 9 years old. My friend had empa
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okay so today I told my good friend about me being an Adult baby. We happened to be on fetishes as the subject and my heart started pounding cause out of no where I began to tell her I wanted to tell her but was nervous and embarrassed. I explained that th
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Drako's Art Contest and Pony Play?   No new winners this month.   Nomination Theme: Lingerie   Voting Theme: Footjobs   Nomination and Voting Deadline:  June 1, 2019   Head on over to Drako's Den and Playground to Nominate Art and to Vote now! Drako's Den:
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I'm a little tired of the PM's from people with either NO profile, or PRIVATE profiles. I don't mind someone trying to have a conversation, but if there's no profile for me to read, then be ready to be blocked. I'm just tired of it. Plus, yours
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I’m new to this world, and looking for someone that is already in it. I’m looking for a loving relationship with someone, that is either a baby like I want to be, or would be a mommy to me. And besides love of diapers, we would also have a regular relation
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Ok, so I'm an adult Baby.  I'm also an adult.  I'm a SciFi fanatic, software engineer, vr enthusiast, who lives to fly and Chase tornados with a diaper on.  I dream of waking up to some one changing my diaper and getting me dressed for the day, but what ab
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So I realize everyone can have a typo, and that I am not free from having several of my own. Mainly, for some reason it's primarily the word JUST. I for some reason usually sway the US around in it when typing fast. Oh well. But, sometimes I just can't hel
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