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you came next door to say hi i just moved in. You asked for a tour, i said im still unpacking. as we walked into the kitchen i seen a dirty sock, never even thought about the alasti band sticking out over my shorts ...I grabbed a bunch of cloths off the fl
Nawtydiaper 6 hours ago 0 3

Just filled  my nappy never fails to make me smile!!
Babyjane_ 3 days ago 0 8

I am having a little bit of a dilemma here. I am trying to decide how many times I should allow my ab to wet his diaper before I change him. Sometimes, I let him pee pee 3 times before a changing. Sometimes less if he has a leaky diaper and alot of pee :).
phoneamommytammy 8 days ago 2 16

Just like diapers, some things need to be changed. The idea behind my user name, Baby Man, was that I'd be part baby and part adult. After all, the term is not Adult Baby without both components. I also wanted to portray myself as someone who stands for th
Baby_Man 11 days ago 0 34

Looking to have a fun chat add me on kik thooper837 
thooper837 11 days ago 0 15

Drako's Art Contest - July 2017   The latest winner is: The Skix Says Cherf! - by dbruin -   This month's Nomination Theme:  Kangaroos   This month's Voting Theme:  Bears   Nomination and Vot
jmac32here 07.03.2017 0 31

Some updates and something crazy (Chastity Related)So, I finally got the SFW (Safe For Work) version of Drako's Den online (called Drako's Playground) and have added a couple new features and pages to Drako's Den Mobile.I am still working out the kinks and
jmac32here 06.22.2017 0 41

I'm a very strange one, not many like me come around. Open to be yours, slave or sub. i recommend a contract to be in order, that protects you and me. Hard limits must be discussed.  I'm very experimental and willing try new things.  I love cuddling and to
LeeLee 06.19.2017 0 62

A unique new feature for Drako's DenSo, recently, I mentioned joining a Telegram chat group for keeping me in chastity...Well, to keep things simple for users, I decided to close the chat group.But to make sure everyone who wants to has a chance to be my k
jmac32here 06.17.2017 0 32

Wanna help keep a kitty locked up??So...Some time ago, I had decided to agree on long term chastity with provisions, which allowed me out of my cage at least once a week, and also allowed me out whenever I wanted to top.Well, because I was operating as my
jmac32here 06.16.2017 0 52
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