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Such a good boy all dressed for me. You diaper snug around your little bum, pink plastic panties over top. I tricked you today, though, didn’t I?  Instead of the little sailor suit I had spoken about I’ve put you into a little pink dress with ruffles and b
PhonesexMamas 8 days ago 1 100

I'm am looking for someone in the Phoenix or Tuscon Arizona area. I'm beginning to think I am the only one here. I just want to hang out with another ABDL
Justwantadiaper 9 days ago 0 35

I’ve always had a nurturing side, a constant need to protect and encourage that I’ve found my babies can help me express like no one else. They make me feel special, coming to me with their unique needs. They allow me to bring them back to a time when life
PhonesexMamas 02.11.2020 0 91

There you go, tugging at Mommy’s blouse again. Mommy’s precious growing bundle of joy is hungry aren’t you? I need to cover your head with a blankie so the patrons of the mall don’t disturb your meal. There, there, let me hold you safe and close in my arms
PhonesexMamas 02.06.2020 0 92

So its a new year and I felt the need to actually write this one out.   -Coverage- This years winners on coverage are T-Mobile and Verizon, but only because they actually posted exactly how many people are covered by their network. (AT&T also covers 99
jmac32here 02.06.2020 0 58

Drako's Art Contest - February 2020   The latest winner is: -Gadget- - by Spirale -   Now for this Month:   Nomination Theme: Animation   Voting Theme: Kissing   Nominatio
jmac32here 02.06.2020 0 44

Start the new rescue helicopter! "Hey!" Build the helicopter... and off to the rescue. Prepare the lifeline, lower the stretcher, and make the rescue. The new Emergency Collection from Lego City!
SGStarscream 02.03.2020 0 51

Aw, my little baby, don’t cry! I cannot bear when you cry, sweetie.Shush shush. Come here and show Mommy what is wrong. Yes, sweetie, come here Oh. I see what is wrong. Or rather, I can smell it, honey. You are allstinky. Oh, yes, you are. Don’t you sass m
PhonesexMamas 01.22.2020 0 136

I’ve always had a nurturing nature, a constant need for touch and sensation that I’ve found my babies can give me like no one else. They make me feel special, coming to me with their special needs, letting me bring them back to a time when life was simpler
PhonesexMamas 01.14.2020 1 187

Well fokes, yet another decade is over and I've been wearing diapers for a legitimate Medical reason for most of not all of that time, but let's go back to how it all started. The Decision: Well it all started back in 2010 when I started having embarrasing
chinababy888 01.08.2020 2 309
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For the next few weeks, I'm being punished! Follow along as I endure 24 hour diapering, multiple daily maintenance spankings, instant spankings for any rule infraction, enema training, and more!
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I am a ABDL Mommy and I love to talk and play with my babies. I do take calls but I love to talk with my babies even if they don't call. I write weekly blogs and I would love to share them here.
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