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Diaper Fun at the Movies!

My fun at the movies!


So I rook my diapered self to the movies today! The theater was more crowded than i was hoping, so i wasnt able to take any pics inaide the theater.


I wore a black skirt that comes almost down to my knees, with a purpley top that is a bit long on the back. Your could hardly see my double diaper underneath. I wore a goodnights pullup diaper first, cut a slit in the bottom and put a Tranquility diaper over it (slit so it can soak through both diapers).


I was nervous walking from my car across the parking lot to the box office, scared a gust of wind would reveal my secret. But i quickly got my ticket amd hurried inside, i was running a bit late and came in during the previews, so i took a seat in the 2nd to last row, all the way on the left. There was nobody else in the row,but some people all the way to the roght in the back row, and various people further in front.


After the previews ended and rhe movie began, i pulled out the extra large soda hidden in my purse and began drinking it. I made a point to keep sipping so i could really fill my bladder. Since my row was empty, i put my feet up on the seat in front of me, knowing that my skirt was pushed up and exposing my diaper. I relaxed and enjoyed the movie for a while.


I really loved the movie! I was never a big fan of thr origonal star wars films, but these newer ones have been pretty great. But im not here to review the movie, plus- no spoilers!


It eas about an hour and a half before i felt that need to tinkle creep in. I held it off for a while, untill i was squirming and doing the potty-dance in my seat. Sitting up straight, i put my hands on the arm rests and lifted myself up slightly so my butt wasnt pressed against the seat, and let loose! My eyes actually teared up a bit as i felt my bladder empty itself and flow into my diaper. And then feeling the diaper absorb it and pull it all in as it expands under me. I gently lower myself down onto the now thick and squishy diaper, and was delighted there were no leaks! I get cumfy, sitting with one left curled under me, against the thick warm diaper, and finish out the movie.


I get up while its still dark and straighten out my skirt a bit, feeling the large bulge between my legs as i walk out into the light. I stopped bu the restroom and attempted to take some pics, but it was bad lighting. I decided to not be self conscious about it but instead wear my wet diaper with pride, allowing myself to waddle slightly as i walked back to my car. I wet a little more into it before getting into my car. Still no leaks, good.


I didn't want to go home yet, so i decided to go to the neaeby Walmart and wander around. I wandered through the baby section. Looking at the cute diapers and pacifiers and bottles. Wandered over to the adult diaper secion to check out ths selecrion, but didnt find anything good. So i went over to the clothing and tried on some skirts amd dresses, taking pics of my diaper in them in the dressing room! I wet my diaper a little more while in walmart, trying to fill both diapers completely. I was getting excited by how cute the full diaper looked under a short sun dress, and how much it buldged just in my skirt as i walked around, squishy and full and thick.


After that i headed to a GoodWill store, where i tried on a few more cute things, and i actually found they had some diapers for sale! Several packages that had been ripped open and taped together, and were only $4. So i bought one with tabs. My heart was beating so fast as i carried the diapers up to the mildly attractive male cashier, he was very professional and didnt make any fuss lol. I wondered if he could tell i was wearing a thick wet diaper as i bought them? I kinda hoped he could...


Also, in the car between stops i was using my phone to take pics and a few vids of myself driving in a full diaper. Those will be uploaded soon.


Now it was time to head home, but living with family, i didn't want to wear it home. So in my car in the back of the parking lot,  i unfastrned my diapers and slid it off under my skirt, placing it in a spare plasic bag and dumping it in a trashcan. I wiped myself off a bit, i went home cammando.



The only thing that could have improved  this would be having someone there to share it all with! Someone to take pics of me and vice versa (hard to get pics of urself in public). Either a daddy or a fellow diaper lover.

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