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Diaper poop

So today i finally got the guts up to poop in my diaper. I knew i had a long carride ahead. So i popped in a supposotory and diapered up for the ride. Almost immediately i lost comtrol and a stream of pee filled my diaper. Then i felt my belly rumble. I wanted to fught the suppository a little so i waited. Then after about ten minutes i pushed and to my dissapoimtment after a while all i didnt get the grand poop i was hoping for. Rather i filled my diaper with pee and a tiny bit of poop. So i was almost home. I went into a speedway to change myself and went home. Now that im home and cant use diapers i finally had the grand poop but i had to use the potty. Any tips on how to get a good big poop immediatly?

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  •  Philmydiaper: 

    lots of veggies and rice work for me. Cereal is also good. wait till you feel a knocking at your back door and use a glycerin enema put on your diaper and go for a ride. Pee ahead of time and try to hold off on liquids. Believe me the poop will pour out of your ass and it won't be too loose. Castor oil also works wonders.

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  •  DanielABDL: 

    I don't know but how about we find out together eh?

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  •  Anonymous: 

    Hi! I would love to have huge poops whenever I wanted them. Google Anna Didovic sometime she’s amazing! When I wanna a big poop I put marshmallows up my butt. I put them in hot water first so they go in easy, 24 is my record but usually 12 or so. I try to hold them as long as I can, usually about 15 minutes. U can go longer if you sit down.When it hits; NIRVANA!!

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