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Going to the movies

So tomorrow is my day off, so I've decided to treat myself to a Movie! Im going to the theater by myself, diapered up, with a Large drink ;) 

Im going to see Solo, the star wars movie, its at the discount theater now for cheap. Im planning on wearing 2 diapers doubled up for maximum hold, still trying to figure out what clothes to wear over it. Concidering a skirt? 

I will update tomorrow to let you know all aboit my diaper fun!

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  •  sissybabysamantha: 

    Hope you have a nice time

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  •  David73-DL: 

    That is always how I go to the movies.  I wear my diaper, plastic pants, bodysuit and shorts over it all, and get the large drink, and enjoy the show!!  Id love to chat if you are ever interested.


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  •  tregan11: 

    So, what did you think of the film? Having grown up with Star Wars, I am a true fan/nerd. I, personally, enjoyed all of the back story/history components; as an adult, I grow weary of over-long chase/fight sequences. Still and all, a decent SW film. Agree?

    I hope that your diaper day was everything that you hoped it would be.

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  •  HU24-7S: 

    Sounds like a loose fitting skirt would be the way to go. I've always envied women who could wear a full skirt or dress over a diaper, and go out confidently in public. It's tougher being a man, but I do have several warm-up style pants that make a diaper pretty much invisible.

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  •  tregan11: 

    That sounds like a great day off to me! Enjoy!

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