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My embarrassing situation.

My hearts pounding my equilibrium jolts at how nervous i was. Sitting two feet from one of my best friends. I purposely worr a thick diaper in hopes she'd see it an say sumthing but she didnt and i had said i wanted to talk to her. When i kept stalling she caught on quick anr said no come sit down an tell me whats going on . i take a deep breath and i exhale right as i breathe out there was a knock at my door so i said hd that thought an got uo to get the door when she slapped my ass and you heard it hit padding and im pretty sure i smelt powder in the air after that i remember glancing bak an she was looking confused i look back as i open the door and its oue other friend Jessica oh hey jessica yeag im here rissa is here too. Rissa "james do u have some sort of paddibg underneath ur shorts?" Jessics walks in. "Padding hub? Wgat did i just walk into" they both look at me i felt red as a tomato embarassed an unsure what to do a wave of tears came over me. I went and sat on the bed next to rissa and put my face in my hands and cried she went to rub mu back and she moved my shirt to out her hand on my skin and she could see my diapers and i heard her go ooooooo...... She leaned in anr whispered in my ear. I jus saw ur diapers is that all your worried about is being embarassed about that well u shoukdbt i bet your super cute in just that diaper o will you will you? I giggled nah whispering back what if she says sumin. She replied go to the kitchen an come back ill hwve a talk with her. I said ok an told jessica jll bring right back. N i ran to the kitchen... 


I will continue tomorrow 

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  •  DaddynBabyBoy: 

    I’ve told about ten close friends and over time it gets easier and easier.  It’s so hard though.  But letting go the fear of rejection is key.  The goal is to not let fear be the boss of me. Once you can do that, your diapers become a source of strength not shame.   Took me a lifetime to get to this point, but it’s possible.  It’s who we are. :)

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  •  BigCryBaby: 

    Very cool, my close friends and my therapist all know. Now continue pwease!

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  •  Wetsleeper: 


    Embarrassing, but also very brave!

    I wish I was brave enough to work up the courage to tell a good friend.

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Wanting to be in diapers
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