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dfw mommies/daddies and littles

Hey any DFW littles or mommies and daddies out there looking to meet other like minded people please introduce yourslef lets get a munch planned game night or pool party if i get the house i put a offer on today i can host a pool party for all littles and mommy and daddys 

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  •  Alexandernolan: 

    My name is Alexander Nolan. I have a problem, I wasn't loved as a baby, all I want is a comforting breast feed and some words of reassurance. I recently have been talking about this with someone, all she wanted was some money. Please all I'm asking is to help my shattered childhood. Let me feel loved!

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  •  terry1981: 

    Hi my name is t.j. i live in Crowley Texas just outside of Fort Worth Texas. I am a daddy and caregiver in the abdl community. I am a dl as well. If you have Kik mine is terry1981 my fetlife account is the same terry1981. Hope to hear from you soon. 

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  •  LittleRedDrake: 

    Sounds fantastic I am in the DFW area.  Are you on fetlife or kik because we already have a munch every first Sunday of the month and some chat rooms up.


    That is the munch we would love to see you. Good luck with your events I would love to hang out sometime.

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