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Jeremy D. S. (I Am a Christan)
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go by the name mon_mnn and my my old profile knarmas went corrupt on here and  no one sending me stuff to fix it... no messages to my e-mail nothing.. so forced to use my main nickname and make a new profile i have  re posed my info from K-wink to here that mon_mnn is me on that dating site...

the name is Jeremy and i am a indy game developer.  as of 2018 i thought I would update my profile.I come from a big family so have five siblings with even sister an brother ratio.  right i have been Making the first games my games wise for disabled ppl an abdls in mind. they are unity engine 5 games. and I am on devieant art via monmnn my nick name  on it is the same. Far as what i have been doing since i made my account till now, i went to doctors till i finally was able to find out what was casing my issue with not being able to drive. it so happens 1 in 12 million ppl who get seizures disorders get what i have. its a neurological jerk as my Nero doctor called it my brain cells are over active as i found out. it took other an year after i finally found out  to find the herbs i take against my nero-jerk twitches.. from first jerk twitch to then it too 11 years to find that homeopathic cure and i have been taking it for a year as of 2018. because of it i am Nero jerk free long as i dink the herb once a day as it slowly heals my brain. so past that good news i am doing gret have a 4 man Indy-game dev team in my area and unofficial still. i am now 31 as of 2018 and i am glad life is moving forward.  the name of the games i am developing are called Crazy Robots and The Three senses card game. Both are being made in unity % engine.  Far as it goes I learned C#,Java, 3d cc creation next gen stuff in stuff like Maya and Zbrush so spent years in those areas so i could be a great leader and CEO of my game team. learned code to be able to make code maps for the coders in my game team.  lets see past the pics on this site i have not changed much. i look still very young. thank my DNA for being very mixed race for that XD.  on a positive note, my grandpa is now 96 years old this year so ppl in my fam live long..I'm a Christian more mixed but not denominations wise seen supernatural stuff an had a death experience much like the heaven is real movie but I was younger when I had my god experience so I know he's real. I own my own place in the country side the KF city an I am my own boss making games. Far as me goes, I'am open minded and have incontinence due to a neurological disorder side effect so looking for the right girl that's a DL or has the issue due to having bad luck with non DL or inconstant girls. Before I had the issue I was more of a daddy so yaha.. I'm also very open minded willing to try something once. As for my parents they lost their place an live at mine an my dad is retired gets gov money now so he has been helping me to be a game developer. Coupled knowing what was coming world wise I bought my place using money i would have used to go to collage. if you want to know more fill free to text me...  will try to find my sole mate even if I have to fly to do so and that means other countries. I am seriously looking for I'm the type of person that would rather not be alone.. I also have dogs cats an one chicken. as of now I still  am a modern pioneer but with internet too.  I use solar and biomass power to power my work pc and a laptop. use the to do my  game dev upon. also took up-welding so I truly am a jack of all trades now and love it.. Also not shallow I'm okay with chubby and thin girls just so you know... If you think I'm all talk just look up my stuff I am the guy that made the sims 2&3 ABDL clothing set and my most well know game I have been working on is Crazy robots monmnn abdl type it in search an you will find my game... also looking for beta testers for my games in development if interest their in closed beta hit me up.  i found out that some ppl are shy with me an the whole God stuff... but I'm actually very open an kind type of guy. in fact most women took advantage of me so I became less open as I used to be and that's why I'm still single never found the right girl. Then again I came close once an we almost married... long story short stuff happened an she stopped it not me.. so it made me gun shy for ages to get back to dating and I learned a lot from it all.. I still am looking for my right girl. Anyhow I love my life and my three dogs an cat. my cat bob at the age of 17 passed on. right now still have 3 dogs a German Shepard dog named Molly. a military German shepherd named honey and Katy she's a colly with Mich nab in her both parents were pure breeds. but what most don't know in making the blood line of colly dogs mic nabs were used so she has gray spots on her as well she's my oldest dog while. I also log  trees for firewood so use that to stay fit. its hard work but fun... so if you want to e-mail me  feel free to do so regardless of location... I'm looking for the right gal and friends on  far as dating goes on a age note:  max years older is (5) and will date girls about (10) years younger then me max but if it is a god thing then i don't really know.. my max or min.. and i am open to date girls of all skin types btw..

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