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My son is back in diapers
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I put my son back in diapers over a year a go for teasing his two year older sister who was stiill in diapers for having wetting problems at night and some times in the day. I told him if didn''t stop teasing her he would be in diapers as well. When he didn''t stop I ordered 6 dozen cloth diapers and plastic panties to fit him. When they came I took all his underpants a way from him. While he was wearing his diapers and a short t-shirt I took him to a clothing resale store so he could give the lady there his old underpants. He was wear clear plastic panties so every one who looked could see his diapers. He peed his diapers while he was standing infront of her. I had him tell her he didn''t them any more. She just looked at him and said to him no I see you don''t. She told him your mother is right to put you in diapers, they are what you need to wear underpants are for big boys mot babies. Over this last summer I have taken him out many times in his diapers and a short t-shirt. Nobody said or paid any attention to him in diapers. With diapers for sale for older kids I am sure they just thought he still needed diapers. I told him that I saw or heard from one of his brothers or sisters that he had or had tried to us the toilet at any time I would pull down his diapers and give him a spanking on his bottom he would not soon fore get. He tried just once when he thought no body would see him doing it. His sister saw him going to try to us the toilet and stoped him before he could. She took him to him me and told me what he had tried to do. I pull down his diaper infront of all his brothers and sisterss and gave him a good hard spanking on his bottom while they were looking. After I change his diapers I told him I would do it again if tried to us a toilet. I also told all of his brothers and sisters that if they saw him trying it again and they did not let me know about it they too would get a spanking and put in a diaper for the rest of that day. He never tried to do it again. He just uses his diapers since that day. I don''t think could not go in his diapers any more even if he wanted to. I know he wets and or mess in his diapers before he even knows he has to go. He doesn''t think to it is so funny no that she is out of diapers and he has to us them all the time with out knowing before had that he needs to us them. He will be in diapers fore some time to come. I change his diapers infront of family and or anybody that is there when I change him. They all know he needs to wear diapers.

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  •  bigbabybilly wrote 1023 Days Ago (neutral) 
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  •  diaperdanny42 wrote 1106 Days Ago (neutral) 
    42 goin on 2 ab/dl toddler not so good at keeping diaper clean. Looking for a mommy to pamper me when good boy and discipline when naughty. You make the RULES! You\'re the BOSS! Here in Milwaukee, WI. , ab/dl lookin\' for a mommy whom won't judge me for my imperfections. I have a medical problem which forces me to wear adult diapers. I've learned to accept, embrace, and even LOVE the need to wear them, but find that women I've dated have no idea what cross I bare. I have come to the conclusion that it's better to get it out in the open before I even think about dating someone. Judge me if you will, but keep in mind that's not all I am. I am a loving, caring, care free artistan. I bend over backwards to meet all my partner's needs. I am quite submissive, but quite confident in who I am and whom I was meant to be! I am looking for a mommy. A caring, understanding, and loving woman to share my hopes, dreams, and aspirations with. You need to be open-minded and adventuresome; not afraid to try new and exciting things. If you fit the bill and are willing to look past my imperfections. then I hope to hear from you soon. If not, keep on looking, because life's to short and I have no time for games! I promise I'll be good????????????

    Love, Diaperdanny Naughtyboy????????
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  •  WantMummy wrote 1351 Days Ago (neutral) 
    lucky boy
    1 point
  •  babyjim wrote 1373 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Hi and welcome to diapermates And how old is your son
    1 point
  •  hawkeye64 wrote 1373 Days Ago (positive) 
    1 point
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