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I am 50 years old and sill in nappies and sometimes an adult baby.

I have been into nappies since I was 7 with a bed-wetting problem at 7 years old that is when it all started.

My family and I lived in a house that had a lot of condensation, the windows had got very wet my mum and dad put towels on the windowsill, when I went to bed I got this towels form the window and put it in my pants like I had a nappy on. I put it on so I did not wet my bed instead I wet the towel. In the morning ?I put the towel back on the windowsill hoping that the condensation was bad, ?if it was wet my parents did not notes that it was wet from me.?

I did this until I was 11 years old I fond sum terry towelling nappies and I fond a pear of plastic pants in a cubed. ?I got one of each ?and put it in my bedroom cubed ?and every night I put them on myself. I felt like a baby a again.

My mum went in my room to tidy up and fond my nappy ?it was not wet, lucky the plastic pants was somewhere else that my mum didn't know. ?she told my dad. My dad said if I wont to play with my self I shod go in the bathroom, what he meant was if I want to masturbate I shod go in the bathroom. When I started work at 16, I went to the shops and got a packet of pampers nappies and put them in a lock-up cubed in my bedroom so no one now that I got them.

When I got married I stopped wearing nappies. Two years later we had our first baby, it brought back memories so I started again wearing nappies. I only do this when I get up in the morning at 5:30 am before I go to work for 7:00 am. when we got a PC in 2004 and on the Internet. One morning I got up and put the PC on and went on the Internet and put in on the search for adults in to nappies ?and I had a big surprise when I so website on AB and DL. I thought I was alone doing this but I am not.

I have had sum samples from people but I cannot get any more because money was very tight so I use nappies and taped them on myself, that we have got at home. I ?had a pear of boots plastic pants but they was not that good.?

One time I got some nappy pins from boots. so I thought I would try putting on a terry towel on me when I got up in the morning before I go to work. No I didn't go to work in a nappy.

Now I live on my own, separated from my wife for about 10 years now and spend a lot of time at home on my own trying to be a baby, but no mummy to tack care of me so its mostly being a nappy lover.?

I have been to places like ABC in London and NGM Preschool Hampshire as well seeing people that are in the AB/DL.

I am not in men. only into females, but happy to have friend in all types.

I love wearing and wetting nappies it is a good filing.

Just to let people know that I am not always like this most days I am just a normal guy living my life. so yes i have 2 sides. a grown man and a baby/ nappy lover. more of grown man. 

but as women say men don't grow up. LOL 

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Mitsi wrote nlricharduk
Morning Richard I'm sue from essex. I'm a mummy on here if your interested
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Mitsi wrote nlricharduk
Hi I'm sue

I would love to take care of you and your baby side but come from essex so message me if you r interested
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jamesbennett wrote nlricharduk
i'm 34 years old and live in south east london uk and Also into history, Art galleries,Theatre,antiques,wild life,walking,spiritual,zoo,old properties,outdoor,movies,traveling,cooking and i got Speech sound disorders involve difficulty in producing specific speech sounds (looking for abdl friend,bro.sister,daddy,mother,family )I want friend I can meet up and diapered

sad i can't wear here i live with family and share bedroom with bro and no hide place for diaper but i got money... see more to buy some but can't keep here with me
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nlricharduk is now friends with babygirldeedee41
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Thicker the better. I love it.....
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