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How to write a catchy profile text? I have no idea! Boring facts? Blunt truths? Shocking revelations? All you say? Oh well, I'll just give it a go...

I believe in fantasy creatures, the goodness of mankind and other fairytales. I believe that eating too much vitamin C makes my hair grow faster. I believe that atheists are believers too. I love eating croque monsieurs all day. I think riding a bike is fun. I think most girls are prettier without make up. I smile when I see people getting upset over delayed or cancelled trains. I kiss every frog in the hope a beautiful princess will appear. I love travelling. I like casual conversations with strangers. I hate cell phones and think computers are tools. I am a danger to mankind if I try to dance. I don’t mind walking in the rain. I think the colour green doesn’t suit me. I am scared of jumpy dogs. I wear diapers for fun. I own half a library, but don’t think I’m a nerd. I find girls breathtaking. I never watch television, but I do love going to the movies. I still like watching cranes, shovels and planes. I never comb my hair. I like long conversations. I always wear jeans. I think the only animal that looks better on your plate than alive is a turkey. I like people to surprise me. I own about a dozen pocket knives, though I hardly ever use one. I like watching other people’s odd habits. I always have the time somewhere within reach. I like people with ambitions, even if they want to scuba dive to centre of the earth…

That’s all there is to say about me actually. Half a size A4 is all it really takes. Hope it makes your day. If not, make a handstand and treat yourself to some chocolate. That’s always a good start...

Though I like to think I come across as fairly normal in everyday life, I have deeply rooted desire ever since I was a young boy at the start of elementary school (age 5 years old); I want to wear diapers, I just love everything about them. I have never really come to like big boy underwear.
I have often wondered how it came to be that I like diapers so much, though unfortunately do not have a definitive answer to that question.

Over time I have come to love just about anything in relation to diapers and I am looking for a wonderful girlfriend who accepts or even shares my passion for diapers.


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