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Hello there My life has changed a lot since I have been on here since. I'm finding myself having the urge of wanting more to do with the diaper world, and want to meet others that would like to be friends or just hang out. I do have a kinky side but however I still want to do things as far as diapers go.

     However I am open to the diaper world. Looking for friends and someone to play with in diapers. I really don't know what I am looking for (That part of my life is still under construction).

    However I will know when I find it, If there is anything you want to know don't hesitate to ask, I am someone that does enjoy Role Playing.

Stupidity and general arrogance is my Kryptonite not a big fan of "The Crowd" of people who live in a aggrogant bliss. If it doesn't make sense then I can't help you. I have a hard time engaging in conversation that is not constructive in some way.

The key to life is to have as much fun as possible with out hurting anyone else on the way.




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I have one
Don't work
High School
Relationship Status
I like to play games on the computer, I like to go to lunch or just go and get coffee. I also enjoy staying in and watching a movie, I also like to cook. I believe it is a avenue for to unwind and relax. Also diapers will do that as well.
I would like to meet new friends that are into some of the things I am, Cooking, watching movies, going for coffee. Or just staying home watching a movie while in diapers.
Favorite Sites
Fetlife, Diaper-Bois also I am on Skype
Favorite Music
That all varies on my mood, Mostly the 60's 70's and the 80's and some songs from the 90's. Also enjoy some country music. (As long as it has a story behind it, For instance: The Devil went down to Georgia, I also enjoy the violin and Blue Grass.
Favorite Films
Wide range, The Fog, Ender's Game, The Emperor's New Groove, and the Classics, The Despicable Me, The Star Trek movies, and many more.
Favorite Books
That's a very wide range, A book has to hold at least the first 5 minutes for me to like it. Stephen King, Clive Cussler, Edgar Allan Poe