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So  i am  36  im an artistic  sensative  type  of  guy  and  im  a  submissive but  i have  no experince  so  i dont  want to do  anything  to  extreme as of yet.   i have  a  very specific  set of  submission  fantasies. im a Diaper lover. 


 i have a specific fantasy about  being spaked and forced to be a toddler for a  set  ammount of  time.  


 when i was thirteen i was threatend,   i came  close  but it dint happen  and i have  obsessed over it  but probly i actualy wanted it then  cuz i think i developed  my diaper fetish young.


 i kinda dont even want to diaper an change someone else i am  very sub in these fantasies all of mine revolve around me being diapered and babied  an stuff not the other way around really.  i have  begun to evolve from just a sex fetish to a full blown emotional need to have these things happen to me.  im open to try  new things  too  but i need this more than i even know.  im in pain


other than that im searching  for  love too a normal relationship if all be  it  reveserd rolls from tradition with a woman or as a bottom with a top daddy.  i kinda think basicly i need a daddy  male  or  female.


i am  a  juggalo  a  metal head  i rap  i sing i scream  i make youtube videos  i  work taking care of  my  mother  i have a hard time  going over nite  or very  far  but im working thru plans  to work around that  so yea  i like  anime  and superheroes and scifi  im a  nerd  im  a  bit  dense  and i dunno  im  me   someone  help please thank you hope to see  you soon  have a nice  day.


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games music tv books movies
same as hobies i guess

also interested in trying diaper punishment spanking bare bottom otk being treated like a baby

enjoy wearing diapers having my fanny slapped insertions in my anus like i said the way i play is i wanna be a naughty boy who finaly gets spanked and treated like a baby the whole experience for being immature
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bit of everythin latley its been more rap like lil wayne an stuff tho
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potter riddick simpsons funny action fantasy sci fi
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potter night watch warrior cats