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United States
Buena Vista
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Man, Woman

Hello. What you are now reading is the part of "you" that is "me". I know that sounds like some wierd hippie stuff but it's true. If you are reading this then it is the image in your mind that was created by me. Wether international or not I am now part of you, if only briefly. This in turn is our very first connection.


I'm different, I realize that. Even amongst ABDL's I stand out. I know that I'm a walking contradiction. I'm not on here to dominate or be dominated. I have asperger's autism and yet I've found that I often have a much better grounding in reality than most "normal" people. I'm often sharp as a tac yet I have no problem being as blunt as a hammer. I get that people generally don't like me because my very existence disrupts their fairytale narrative. I'm a misanthrope but also quite caring. 


Don't bother trying to scam me. I can see that a lightyear away. Don't bother sending me friend requests without us getting to know each other first through private messages. In this world of fantasy, I'm as "real" as it gets. I don't like bullies and have zero problems with telling them off and/or defending others from them. If you have a problem  with that then feel free to move right along.

I like playing games, board games, card games, and especially RPG video games. I really enjoy playing games to where the loser has to do something silly or stupid, so long as it's legal. I enjoy anime and old cartoons and I love animals.

Additional information
6' 2"
Spiritual not religous
Overly Self Educated
Relationship Status
Games, Anime, Good Movies
Bets to where the loser has to do something silly, funny or stupid. Crossdressing, Diapers
My skin is as white as snow so obviously I'm a hamster.
Favorite Sites
Sissy Kiss, The Cushy Pen
Favorite Music
Anything but Rap and Country
Favorite Films
The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Labyrinth
The Dark Crystal
Sausage Party
The Original Nightmare on Elm Street series
Repo The Genetic Opera
Favorite Books
Harry Potter Collection
The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy