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Here is my story I'm a 26 year old DL from Florida with some new founded ab tendencies I first discovered I liked to wear diapers when I was 13 when a friend dared me to wear a pull up all day and as a self righteous little shit I never backed down from a dare but secretly I loved the feeling it felt so natural after my friend went to bed that night (i don't even think he new I was still wearing it) I decided to use it for what it was meant for and soaked it. It felt so good that I had my very first orgasm. From then on I was hooked.I would skip school and buy baby diapers and make them fit. But after I would feel so ashamed then when I was 15 I decided to research to see if there was anyone like me and I discovered the abdl community. The whole an thing weirded me out at first but I knew I loved to were diapers. This again in turn caused me years of guilt and shame I've joined and left this community several times from fear of being recognized but I recently had an ephinany that I'm not the only one that has felt this way and I know who I am and embrace it fully and would like to make friends with all abdl boys and girls alike hit me up if you ever wanna chat

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