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I'm 20 years old I live in Ontario and I'm a student and work part-time.

I love too read, color, paint, watch tv and play with my dog 

I'm very shy and quite clumsy I trip over my own feet 

I don't have many hands-on experience but I'm very eager to learn and please.


What I'm looking for 

I'm looking for a Daddy that's kind caring responsible nurturing reliable good listener supportive dominant strict and firm. I can be a brat sometimes and require love guidance and a firm hand to keep me in place.

A daddy that is into ddlg, and petplay as those are my main kinks. A Daddy between 20-35 no older 

That's taller then me it makes me feel small I'm 5’9 and preferably in Ontario or if not them with a possibility for IRL.

Since I'm into abdl and my little age is two my daddy has too be okay with changing diapers but just number one but I also have a pet side so has to be okay with that too. Also, I'm 100 % sub and not a switch so please no switches unless you're okay with just being my daddy 


A little about little me 

Little me is 2-4 but mostly 2 so toddler which means diapers, onesies, footed PJs, pacifiers, sippy cups bottles studies etc 

As a little, I'm very needy and clingy an want constant attention

I love too color, play with my dolls and studies, watch cartoons, cuddle and play in the park. I'm a bit of a cuddle monster watch out hehe 


Well that's all about me if your interested you can message me on here or send me a friend request or on kik


Cutekitty101 I look forward to hearing from all you daddies

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White Caucasian